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8 Al Fresco Bars Around Manila to Visit on Your Next Night Out

From quiet garden seating to rooftop haunts.
Maybe it’s just us, but a cocktail somehow tastes better when sipped somewhere stunning. That Piña Colada is always more refreshing when you’re watching the orange sun set, and that martini is extra crisp when enjoyed with a view of city lights.

This Cute Café in Batangas Is Perfect for a Weekend Brunch with Friends

Add this to your list of places to visit in the south!
When taking a trip down south for delicious eats, you shouldn't limit yourself to the Taal-overlooking restaurants in Tagaytay. There are also great restaurants in neighboring places like Batangas. If you find yourself in Lipa, you should add Lucia's Cafe to your

5 Best Detours to Take on the Way to La Union

If you're coming from Manila.
These days, everywhere we turn, there are tiny pockets of people imagining their next beach trip. Some are eyeing a quick respite at the nearby beaches of Zambales or Batangas, while others with a lot to get away from are hatching careful

This Thai Cafe in Rizal Has the Most Stunning View of the Sunset

Enjoy a cup of Thai tea while the sky changes colors!
Rizal is one of the best places to unwind after an exhausting week. It's not too far away that you'll spend half the day inside the car, waiting to arrive at your destination. If you've already been to the many restaurants and

5 Incredibly Charming Cafes to Visit in Silang, Cavite

It's just an hour from Metro Manila!
Itching for a quick roadtrip away from the metro? Escape the confines of city living and make your way South for a quick breather.Approximately an hour away from Metro Manila, Silang, Cavite is an up and coming locale for cozy, neighborhood eateries,

This IG-Worthy Cafe + Deli Is Your Next Go-To Brunch Spot

They serve those egg-drop sandwiches you see in K-dramas!
Korean culture has had a great influence on our food trends for the past few years, from Korean barbecue, Dalgona coffee, cheesy garlic bread, Korean corn dogs, and the most recent one, egg drop sandwiches. If you haven't tried these sandwiches (that

The Best Restaurants in Manila for Classy Valentine's Day Meals

What can make great company even better? Great food.
And just like that, Valentine’s day is only a few days away. Though love is immaterial at its core, you can’t deny that the occasion feels all the more special when celebrated in the company of good food in a grand setting—that

This Secret Bar in Alabang Will Be Your Next Favorite Hideout Spot

You'll need to know a password to get in, no kidding!
If you're up for a thrill when in the South—or purposefully looking to try one-of-a-kind libations that'll open your eyes to lesser-known (but excellent) paths alcoholic drinks can take—then the newly opened Alibi Lounge and Bar ought to be on your bucket

5 Magical Harry Potter-Themed Drinks You Can Prepare at Home

Just in time for the Harry Potter Anniversary special!
Potterheads all over the world are alive with all sorts of preparations for HBO Max’s Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts. Some are reliving the older magic of the books, taking out house scarves from their drawers, and maybe even converting

6 Filipino TikTokers to Follow for Easy, Holiday Food Recipes

'Tis the season for eating!
The holidays are a time for celebrations with family, and as you know, in Filipino Christmases, food is an integral part of the festivities. Thinking about what to cook for one's holiday menu isn't exactly the easiest task, and it's time likes

This Mobile Coffee Shop Is Your Next Weekend Spot in Batangas

Drop by for coffee and pastries!
Are you looking for new places to discover on weekends? If you're in the Batangas area and are in need of coffee, you should grab a table at this new mobile cafe called Bean Wagon in Balayan, Batangas.Bean Wagon has a minimalistic design with