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These Are the Underrated Starbucks Items You Have to Try ASAP

You might find a new favorite on this list!
You probably have your favorites at Starbucks. Maybe it’s the Caramel Macchiato or the Chocolate Cream Chip Frappuccino—these drinks are popular for a reason, and Starbucks reliably delivers a great experience every time. But beyond the crowd favorites are the lesser-known yet

This Very #Aesthetic Bottled Milk Tea Comes in Three Flavors

Including one with coffee AND tea!
You've got to admit there's a special kind of charm with milk tea that comes in cute packaging. Here's where you can get your fix: online seller Aunt Pearl's Tea has a line of ready-to-drink bottled milk tea and fruit tea in

Where To Order the Best Cheesy Baked Mac In Manila

Order a tray for the weekend!
Some pasta dishes are known for their complexity; best enjoyed while dining out when cooking and cleaning is out of the question and solo orders are a given. But when it comes to eating at home, it's best to opt for dishes

This Strawberry Cheesecake Is Topped With Meiji Apollo Chocolates

It's got a fudgy brownie base and fresh strawberry bits inside!
Fans of Japanese snacks are no doubt familiar with Meiji's bite-sized, Mount Fuji-shaped Apollo Strawberry Chocolates. The rich mix of flavors on the treat is addicting all on its own, but we spotted a dessert that takes it to the next level:

15 Shops Where You Can Buy Excellent Coffee Beans And Grounds

Home brewers, bookmark this!
Since it's not ideal to chill in cafés yet, a growing population of Filipinos is turning into home-brewers. More are finding joy in making their own coffee—including myself. There is just something about the process of brewing your own coffee that makes

Where to Order Caramel Cakes with Witty Written Dedications

They also deliver around Metro Manila!
While taste is what matters at the end of the day, there's something especially precious about cakes with special dedications. But you don't always have to choose between the two. If you're looking for a quality cake with great flavor and can

Starbucks' New Frappuccino Is Pink, Pretty, and Berry Flavorful

Spoiler alert: It has yogurt too!!!
Great news, Frappuccino lovers! Starbucks just revealed their newest beverage and it’s everything you ever dreamed of—it’s pink, it’s pretty, and it’s a symphony of flavors! Everyone, meet the Very Strawberry Yogurt Frappuccino.Starbucks describes it as “a perfect harmony of texture and

This 19-Year-Old’s Aesthetic Oat Milk Drink Will Be Your New Pantry Staple

Oat milk is the new non-dairy alternative that we’re all excited about.
Since online businesses have been taking off during this quarantine season, many people have been grabbing the opportunity to turn their homemaking skills into profits. Whether you're a moonlighter, a full-time entrepreneur, or a teen looking for a new venture, the online

This Coffee Jelly and Milo Combo Is so Good and so Easy to Make

Add a twist to your favorite gelatin dessert.
Is coffee jelly one of your favorite desserts? If you want to add a nostalgic taste to your cup of sweet and creamy coffee jelly, we found a recipe that puts a "chocolatey twist to this classic dessert by adding" Milo, a popular chocolate

IG-Worthy Starbucks Branches in Thailand to Add Your Bucket List

From cozy, rustic spots to huge, architectural marvels.
We recently showed you this newly opened Starbucks branch in Yangpyeong, Gyeonngi in South Korea. The spot is a must-visit for Starbucks fans across the world for its gorgeous architecture as well as its scenic view of the Namhan River. If your dream

FYI, "Pink Milk" Exists and It Looks Too Pretty to Drink

So it's like Thai milk tea, but PINK.
If you're a fan of Thai milk tea, another drink you should know about is the pink milk, which locals call nom yen or nom chompuu. This famous refreshing drink from Thailand is commonly made with a sala syrup and milk—it's refreshing,

Here's Where You Can Find Fresh Strawberry Milk in Manila

Get your hands on this creamy yet oh-so-refreshing beverage.
Fresh strawberry milk is a popular drink in Seoul, where you'll find bottles of the drink lined up at its many boutique cafés. The drink is typically made with a few ingredients—fresh strawberries, sweetener, and fresh milk—thus giving it a pure, unadulterated

FYI, Cowhead Banana-Flavored Milk Exists and We Know Where to Buy

We're going bananas over this new discovery!
If you consider yourself a huge fan of banana-flavored milk, then you probably feel frustrated that it's always out of stock. Well, we have good news for you! You can now add Landers Superstore as one of your go-to supermarkets for banana

A Choco Butternut Cake Actually Exists and It's Only P400

Yes, it's a thing!
A more indulgent version of the choco butternut donut exists, and it comes in the form of a fudgey two-layer cake by local online shop Grilled and Baked.Inspired by the concept of a dream cake, this dessert gives a fresh spin to