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11 Best Local Shops to Try for Excellent Croissants

It doesn't get any butter than this.
What comes to mind when you think of French breads and pastries? Croissants likely top that list. This viennoiserie pastry may actually have roots in Austria (it’s believed to have been inspired by the Austrian crescent-shaped confection know as kipfel), but it

10 Best Sinigang Dishes in Manila You Have to Try

This hearty sour soup is a Filipino favorite for good reason.
If there’s any Filipino dish we find ourselves craving time and time again—most especially when it’s cold out—it’s sinigang, the tangy, well-loved soup that some have even lobbied for the title of being the Philippines’ national dish. And why not? Nothing warms

10 Under-the-Radar Cafés in Manila for Your Next Coffee Run

You can have your coffee al-fresco in most of these spots!
While some of us have learned how to make coffee at home (and do it well, thanks to these finds), we won't deny that ambience plays a role in how much we end up enjoying our caffeinated drink. You might already have

13 Underrated Shops to Try for Your Next Ice Cream Craving

How about trying flavors like Muscovado + Bacon or Soy Sauce Kasuy?
You probably already have your go-to ice cream spots by now, but it's always a good thing to try something new. Who knows, you might also be missing out on other under-the-radar shops with their own great versions of the dessert. Go

5 Chill Restaurants and Cafés in Tagaytay You Should Visit

Take a break in Tagaytay!
As the lockdown restrictions ease because of the vaccine rollouts, people are going out again to safely dine in restaurants and cafes outside their homes. One of the popular places to go to for that well-deserved break and a change of scenery

10 Mouthwatering Korean Dishes We Spotted on "Hospital Playlist"

Plus how to recreate them.
There’s no denying a K-drama wouldn’t be complete without the most temptatious and appetizing array of Korean food and delicacies. Plus, you just know when a show has left a lasting impression when you spend the next few days suffering from post-drama

This One-of-a-Kind Yakult Cheesecake Gets a Crunchy Twist

Add this to your must-try Cebu desserts list!
We hear you, Yakult fans: You love the straight-up drink, but you want to try having its citrusy-sweet flavor another way. What's great is that some bakers have taken to it to experiment with using the cultured-milk beverage to make all sorts

This IG-Worthy Rustic Cafe in the South Could Be Your Next Brunch Spot

This Muntinlupa cafe serves up aesthetic food and interiors.
Here’s an open secret: the South is definitely the chillest place in Metro Manila. Maybe it’s the open spaces and the relatively lighter traffic, but the South’s laid back charm has always been a breath of fresh air for city dwellers. Bungalow

Here's Where You Can Buy Siargao's Famous Smoothie Bowls in Manila

No need to travel far to get your fix!
Remember the good ol' pre-pandemic days, when summers meant taking a trip to Siargao and frolicking under the sun the whole day? Vacations at the island were always made more memorable with a visit to Shaka Cafe—the all-day breakfast spot known for

PSA: Here's Where You Can Buy Tasty Korean Corn Dogs in Manila

Count us in for a whole box please!
Food fads have come and gone during the lockdown. From the likes of Dalgona coffee, to dreamy cakes in pretty tin cans, to the banana bread craze—there’s honestly too many to mention! Come October 2020, Korean corn dogs became the talk of

These Ready-To-Eat Bacon Crisps Are Perfect for an Easy Breakfast

You can snack on them straight out of the bag, too!
There’s nothing like filling yourself up with strips of crispy bacon every morning, paired with egg, and, of course, a cup of rice to complete your plate. Bonus points if you go with sinangag! Now, if you treasure your breakfast time, we’re sure

Yes, Giant Choc Nut Cake Exists And Even Trese's Nuno Would Go Nuts

Yeah, you're going to need quality tea to trade for this one.
Aside from being in awe at the amazing talent of Filipino artists and excited to see Filipino mythology in a modern light, there's one more thing Trese had us feeling—and that's craving Choc Nut, real bad. ICYMI, the distinctly Filipino chocolate-peanut confection was featured in the show as a way

These Ube Rolls Are Pure Halaya Goodness, and Here's How You Can Order

You can get cheese rolls, too!
Ube fans, listen up! Here’s a fuss-free snack to satiate your breakfast, merienda, and midnight food hankerings. Introducing the Laguna Bakers’ Ube Rolls! The store’s bestseller, it’s a pillowy pastry that’s just the right amount of sweet and savory to fill you up.

This Local Artsy Milk Tea Shop Looks Just Like a Comic Book

Live your webtoon dreams here!
2D-inspired interiors are nothing new, but that doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped being fun and interesting. The concept went viral a few years back, with Japanese and South Korean shops sporting the theme. The 2D Café in the Shin Okubo neighborhood in

Swiss Miss Ice Cream Exists and We're Already Craving

You can now get the chocolatey marshmallow drink in ice cream form!
Hot chocolate lovers, our favorite marshmallow-infused drink is getting a makeover! Yep, Swiss Miss has partnered up with ice cream brand The Lost Bread for a sweet and creamy concoction, and we’re all ready to order a pint or two.Officially named the