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8 Al Fresco Bars Around Manila to Visit on Your Next Night Out

From quiet garden seating to rooftop haunts.
Maybe it’s just us, but a cocktail somehow tastes better when sipped somewhere stunning. That Piña Colada is always more refreshing when you’re watching the orange sun set, and that martini is extra crisp when enjoyed with a view of city lights.

These Fresh Takes on Halo-Halo Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

From drink-ified versions to one topped with Basque burnt cheesecake.
Amazingly we’ve made it to the end of April—and though the month took off on an unusually cold start, it’s definitely gotten hotter as the weeks went on. And not that we love the heat per se, but if anything, it also

5 Cozy Cafes for Your Brunch Fix in the South

Because brunch is always a good idea.
There’s always a lot to love when it comes to brunch. Aside from being the best excuse to cure a hangover or meetup with your friends on a weekday, getting brunch is like getting the best of both worlds—because hey, time is

This New IG-Worthy Cafe in Marikina Could Be Your Next Hangout Spot

Make sure to take a photo beside the "Good Times. Good Coffee" design on the wall.
Since the pandemic began, there are tons of cafes that opened their doors to people wanting a break from being confined at home. You have coffee shops that offer breathtaking views of nature while some coffee shops are aesthetically pleasing to look

10 Hangout Spots in the South for a Laidback Night Out

Wine and dine your heart out in these chill, ambient places.
Metro Manila’s South is undeniably a home to the quaintest neighborhoods and hole-in-the-wall hangouts. One can even argue that a trip to the South is incomplete without wining and dining your heart out! Add its vibrant nightlife to the equation, and you’ve

8 Minimalist Cafes That Deserve a Spot on Your IG Feed

Looking for a new hangout spot for you and your friends?
What is it about minimalist cafes that’s just so enticing? Maybe it’s the change of scenery from all the chaos that goes on outside, or perhaps most of us just find beauty in simplicity and how less is indeed more. Either way,

This Stylish Cafe Is the Answer to Your Thai Food Cravings

This restaurant chain started as a clothing label in 1980s Bangkok.
Finding the balance between an exciting food concept and a hearty dining experience is a difficult feat, but Greyhound Cafe hits the nail on the head. This new-on-the-block restaurant does Thai and South East Asian cuisine in a new, modern, cutting-edge way

Here's Where Olive Garden Is Opening Their First Two Branches in the PH

Get those breadstick and pasta hankerings ready.
When in the U.S. and looking for pasta, sandwiches, and other Italian-style fare in a casual setting, the resto chain known as Olive Garden is a reliable choice—they're the leading Italian restaurant chain in the United States, after all, and have close

This Astonishing Restaurant in Bohol Will Transport You to a Tropical Rainforest

Looking for an exquisite culinary adventure on the island?
Thrilling island escapades can often mean wandering through vibrant jungles and enjoying the view of a majestic waterfall. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that gastronomical adventures are equally important when it comes to creating an unforgettable tropical experience. If you’re looking for a

5 Under-the-Radar Cafes to Explore in Tagaytay

Don't forget to take photos for the 'gram!
Have you recently developed a love for coffee? That makes most of us! Since the easing of pandemic restrictions, cafe hopping has become a growing hobby among travelers, and often Tagaytay City is everyone’s ideal first stop. After all, the city’s famous

Art Lovers Will Enjoy Visiting This Serene Cafe in Antipolo

They even have some unique ceramic pieces for sale!
With the growing demands of everyday life, art comes as a way to pause and relax. It’s therapeutic, stress-relieving, and is able to soothe your worries, as shown in a research study from the Royal College of Physicians.  However, taking a breather is

This Local IG Shop Sells Delicious Pastries Inspired by "Friends"

Ever wanted to try Phoebe's famous cookies or the cheesecake Rachel and Chandler just couldn't get enough of?
If you’re a die hard fan of the show Friends, you already know that food is always on the table. Whether it’s Phoebe’s coveted family cookies or a stolen cheesecake—courtesy of Chandler and Rachel—food played a huge part in the show. And

5 Vintage-Themed Restaurants That Will Bring You Back to Old Manila

Nostalgia at its finest!
Picture this: strolling through brick walkways with your friends and family, then getting seated in dimly lit eateries, while appreciating old-fashioned decor. It would be a breath of fresh air to travel back in time and experience what Manila was like before modernity