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What Is "Baked Samgyup" and Where Can You Buy It?

It's the latest quarantine food trend we’ve been craving!
What Is "Baked Samgyup" and Where Can You Buy It?
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It's the latest quarantine food trend we’ve been craving!

Remember when sushi bake became the hottest food trend in the metro? It definitely lived up to the hype. Well, here’s another food trend that has recently emerged during quarantine that we’re equally intrigued with: Baked Samgyup. Yes, you heard that right! You probably already have an idea what this interesting amalgamation is, but we'll break it down for you anyway.

Much like its predecessor, sushi bake, baked samgyup is a multi-layered casserole that’s scooped and served with nori sheets. But this time, it consists of a bed of tasty rice (oftentimes kimchi rice!), pork belly (samgyupor beef belly (woo samgyup), and a generous layer of cheese sauce topped with sesame seeds. Think of it as the lovechild of samgyupsal and cheesy sushi!

Dying to try it? Here are some Instagram shops you can order from!

1. Baked Samgyup (@bakedsamgyup)

An 8x6 tray is good for 2-3 pax. You can choose between kimchi rice or chicken and corn rice, and pork (P349/tray) or beef (P399/tray) for your meat!

2. The Baked Samgyup (@thebakedsamgyup)

Go for an honest-to-goodness tray of meat, cheese, and the right amount of spice with these good-for-two trays from The Baked Samgyup. Each seven-inch tray is priced at P450 and comes with two packs of nori sheets.


3. SomethingSomething! (@itssomethingsomething)

This local brand claims to be the “first” and “original” house of baked “SOMEgyupsal,” and it offers 9x6 trays that come with one pack of nori sheets. Beef-based trays cost P429, while pork-based trays cost P399. They also offer other tasty snacks like chicken wings and nuggets!

4. Tasteful Korean

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Get a tray good for 2-3 pax for P480 from this Las Pinas-based brand. They also offer old-fashioned samgyupsal meats for cooking at home if you’re craving!

5. Crave Corner

Up-and-coming seller Crave Corner offers baked samgyup in pork (P270/tray) or beef (P320/tray) options. Each tray is good for 1-2 pax, and you even opt for brown rice if you’re feeling healthy! 


6. The Sushi Baker (

If you’re craving sushi bake and baked samgyup, look no further than The Sushi Baker.

Their Cheesy Baked Samgyup is loaded with sushi rice, premium pork slices, mozzarella, and a special cheese sauce. Aside from their Duo (9x7) and Family (12x8) sizes, they also have a Solo serving (6x5) for P350 you can munch on all by yourself! 


7. Phase Two (@eats.phasetwo)

For the complete Korean experience, Phase Two not only offers baked samgyup trays but two sides as wellkimchi and pickled cucumberplus lettuce and nori sheets to eat with their cheesy, beefy casserole! Each tray is priced at P389.

8. Fat Bites (@fatbitesph)


A tasty twist on the simple baked samgyup is this multi-layered tray from Fat Bites. Aside from pork bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, and cheese sauce, it’s filled with scrambled eggs and drizzled with sweet ssamjang sauce! An 8x4 tray costs P299 and is good for 2-3 pax.

9. Woosarap MNL (@woosarapmnl)


These 8x8 trays are strategically designed to be sliced into solo servings, as it’s topped with charred beef belly arranged in a grid pattern. Each tray is priced at P450, serves 405 pax, and comes with two packs of nori sheets.

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