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8 IG-Worthy Rainbow-Colored Foods to Indulge In This Pride Month

Make the fight for what's right a tasty one.
June is Pride Month, which is more than just a month given its radical history and what it means for LGBTQ+ folks today. The community still faces challenges and discrimination on many levels, from individual to societal, that ought to be given

7 Best Places to Visit on Your Next Food Trip to Poblacion

From coffee in the morning to drinks at night.
Probably one of the busiest places in Makati, Poblacion is home to countless restaurants, cafes, bars, and even small food stalls we know every foodie will love. If you’re planning to visit the area but have no idea where to grab a

Dine in the Countryside at This Farm-to-Table Restaurant in Cavite

Filipino Classics and Spanish and Italian favorites are made with a twist!
When it comes to food, and most other aspects of life, less is always more. Simple broths and the traditional gisa have long packed a savory punch in all types of cuisines, proving that there is greatness in lesser things on the

Popular Chinese Hot Pot Chain Haidilao Is Coming to the Philippines

It'll be your barkada's new favorite hangout spot.
Hot pot's appeal is twofold: not only does the meal-slash-cooking method make for a great foil to bonding with friends and family over a communal pot at the center of the table; there's also the undeniable appeal of having various meats, veggies,

Dine in a Tropical Paradise at This Aesthetic Bistro in Bohol

Their Bali-style interiors are so IG-worthy!
There’s something about tropical-themed spots that just brighten up our day. After all, you automatically feel like you’re on vacation once you step into one. A perfect example in Bohol is Molly Bistro, a lush eatery for foodies in the area.Right off

Rhian Ramos Reveals Her Fuss-Free and Healthy Eating Habits

It fits her busy lifestyle!
A quick scroll through Rhian Ramos' Instagram, and you'll instantly want to her to be your fitspiration. She works out, eats well, and her hard work shows through her jaw-dropping swimsuit pics and OOTDs. But believe it or not, Rhian was not always

11 IG-Worthy Cakes to Get Your Mom for Mothers' Day

Add one (or two) of these to your May 8 spread!
In case you haven't checked your calendar lately, Mother’s Day is coming right up—and if you’re looking to make Mom feel real special, perhaps no food says “I love and appreciate you” better than a swoon-worthy cake. Haven’t made plans yet? Here

These Fresh Takes on Halo-Halo Will Keep You Cool All Summer Long

From drink-ified versions to one topped with Basque burnt cheesecake.
Amazingly we’ve made it to the end of April—and though the month took off on an unusually cold start, it’s definitely gotten hotter as the weeks went on. And not that we love the heat per se, but if anything, it also

This Astonishing Restaurant in Bohol Will Transport You to a Tropical Rainforest

Looking for an exquisite culinary adventure on the island?
Thrilling island escapades can often mean wandering through vibrant jungles and enjoying the view of a majestic waterfall. Nevertheless, there’s no denying that gastronomical adventures are equally important when it comes to creating an unforgettable tropical experience. If you’re looking for a

How Expensive Is Starbucks in the Philippines Vs. Other Countries?

Something to make you think twice before getting your Starbucks fix for the day.
If there’s one thing Starbucks is known for, it’s consistency. Order a tall latte in a branch in Tokyo and it’s essentially the same one you’ll get when you order it in Milan, New Delhi, or Manila.But one thing Starbucks isn’t consistent

Art Lovers Will Enjoy Visiting This Serene Cafe in Antipolo

They even have some unique ceramic pieces for sale!
With the growing demands of everyday life, art comes as a way to pause and relax. It’s therapeutic, stress-relieving, and is able to soothe your worries, as shown in a research study from the Royal College of Physicians.  However, taking a breather is