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FYI, "Pink Milk" Exists and It Looks Too Pretty to Drink

So it's like Thai milk tea, but PINK.
If you're a fan of Thai milk tea, another drink you should know about is the pink milk, which locals call nom yen or nom chompuu. This famous refreshing drink from Thailand is commonly made with a sala syrup and milk—it's refreshing,

Here's Where You Can Find Fresh Strawberry Milk in Manila

Get your hands on this creamy yet oh-so-refreshing beverage.
Fresh strawberry milk is a popular drink in Seoul, where you'll find bottles of the drink lined up at its many boutique cafés. The drink is typically made with a few ingredients—fresh strawberries, sweetener, and fresh milk—thus giving it a pure, unadulterated

"Haw Haw" Milk Spread Exists and Here's Where You Can Get It

Treat your inner child!
If you're anything like us, you probably spent a good portion of your childhood chomping down on piece after piece of Haw Haw—the compressed milk candy with a decidedly chalky, powdery texture and subtly sweet, milky flavor. If you love it as

Here's Where You Can Get Delicious Home-Baked Strawberry Cakes

These are sure to impress at your next big celebration at home.
For birthdays and other big celebrations, classic cakes like chocolate, caramel, or sans rival are usually the go-to, but if you really want to make your next festivity extra special, you might want to try ordering a strawberry cake. They come in

FYI, Cowhead Banana-Flavored Milk Exists and We Know Where to Buy

We're going bananas over this new discovery!
If you consider yourself a huge fan of banana-flavored milk, then you probably feel frustrated that it's always out of stock. Well, we have good news for you! You can now add Landers Superstore as one of your go-to supermarkets for banana

This Gorgeous Cheesecake Looks Exactly Like Real Swiss Cheese

We bet you’ve never had cheesecake like this before!
If you’re a big fan of cheesecakes, well, welcome to the club! This universally favored dessert is so rich and decadent that it’s almost impossible for everyone to not love it. There are so many ways to enjoy a slice of cheesecake—plain

A Choco Butternut Cake Actually Exists and It's Only P400

Yes, it's a thing!
A more indulgent version of the choco butternut donut exists, and it comes in the form of a fudgey two-layer cake by local online shop Grilled and Baked.Inspired by the concept of a dream cake, this dessert gives a fresh spin to

This Instagram Bakeshop Sells Soft and Chewy Ube Crinkles You'll Love

Ube and crinkles in one? Yes, please!
Had enough of all the ube-flavored desserts coming out left and right around Metro Manila? Nope, we didn't think so. You can get ube cookies, cinnamon rolls, ice cream cake, tres leches, and so much more, but we bet your you're still on the hunt for sweet treats

This Creamy Coffee Jelly Comes in Aesthetic Minimalist Bottles

Yes, you can get it delivered to your doorstep!
This local online shop makes bottled Milk Coffee Jelly in four must-try flavors—Vanilla (P125), Caramel (P135), Irish Cream (P145), and Toasted Mallows (P145)—and in the coolest minimalist bottles that’ll add some serious flair to your pantry. Each bottle contains chewy cubes of

This Celebrity Makeup Artist Started a Food Business in Quarantine

You have to try Effie Iñigo's signature Cacio e Pepe shrimp!
Effie Iñigo’s  feed has always been in our follow list. The celebrity makeup artist regularly shares the looks she’s done on clients like Toni Gonzaga, Julia Barretto, Janella Salvador, Elisse Joson, Jane de Leon, and more. It’s a fount of beauty inspiration.But

Tiny Minimalist Cakes Exist and Here's Where You Can Get Them

Perfect for satisfying your cravings!
We're sure you've seen those trendy minimalist cakes all over Instagram, which feature simple designs with short and sweet messages on top. If you've been wanting to try them or order them for a friend, but don't want to splurge on an entire cake,

8 Online Bake Shops Where You Can Buy Gorgeous Floral Cakes

Cupcakes, too!
Flowers are a no-brainer choice when it comes to aesthetic decor. But if you've got a sweet tooth with a passion for pretty little things, then you'll love these gorgerous botanical and floral sweets that will surely deserve a spot in your

How to Make Delicious Guilt-Free Cookies Using Only 3 Ingredients

Want a healthier option?
Are cookies your guilty pleasure, your favorite snack to munch on, and your go-to sweet when you need something delicious to lift your mood?We totally understand! Cookies are definitely delicious and satisfy any number of cravings you may have. Did you know that

Krispy Kreme Just Released Candy Doughnuts and They're Too Pretty to Eat

They're available for a limited time only.
PSA: Krispy Kreme just released candy doughnuts, and we're absolutely craving!The brand launched their new line of limited edition flavors last Friday, July 10, in celebration of their 83rd birthday. "Your all-time favorite candies now in our melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts, just in time

Where To Buy Delicious Cheese Rolls That Won't Disappoint

Imagine enjoying these with a cup of coffee.
One quarantine baked good that's not getting enough attention are cheese rolls. And we're adamant about correcting that. Ube desserts, burnt basque cheesecakes, and tres leches are all great but surely there's room in your heart (and your stomach) for one more