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10 Mouthwatering Korean Dishes We Spotted on "Hospital Playlist"

Plus how to recreate them.
There’s no denying a K-drama wouldn’t be complete without the most temptatious and appetizing array of Korean food and delicacies. Plus, you just know when a show has left a lasting impression when you spend the next few days suffering from post-drama

Here's Where You Can Buy Authentic Korean Rice Cakes Online

They have so many options to choose from!
Whenever we travel to other countries, like South Korea, trying different local cuisines is definitely on our itineraries. But because of the current restrictions, we can only imagine ourselves in the streets of Myeongdong where every corner is filled with Korean food.

Korean Strawberry Milk Meets Yogurt in This Delicious Creamy Drink

They also have other flavors like Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach Mango, and more!
It's hard to keep up with all the fleeting food trends popping up this 2020 as far as pastries and party trays. For drinks, however, the prevailing picks have mostly been Korean-inspired flavored milks as well as yogurt-based beverages like Yakult or yogurt

Where to Order Korean Street Food In and Around Metro Manila

Transport yourself to Seoul with these delicious finds!
These days, there's no shortage of restaurants and BBQ joints in Manila where you can get your Korean food fix. However, if you've ever taken a trip to Seoul (or if you watch your fair share of K-dramas), you'd know that some

What Is "Baked Samgyup" and Where Can You Buy It?

It's the latest quarantine food trend we’ve been craving!
Remember when sushi bake became the hottest food trend in the metro? It definitely lived up to the hype. Well, here’s another food trend that has recently emerged during quarantine that we’re equally intrigued with: Baked Samgyup. Yes, you heard that right!

All the Delicious Ways You Can Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Can't get enough of kimchi?
Kimchi might be your first introduction to Korean condiments. This fermented cabbage and chili powder concoction is one of the most popular Korean condimentsThere are many vegetables that you can make into kimchi, including kimchi made of cucumbers, red radishes, daikon or

10 Must-Have Ingredients If You're Planning to Cook Korean Dishes at Home

DIY samgyeopsal at home? Add these to your shopping list for your next Korean grocery run!
Missing your favorite Korean restaurants after binge-watching K-dramas? The good news is that you can easily satisfy those K-cravings at home! Korean dishes have that signature flavor that’s unique to them, but they’re not at all impossible to recreate—although in order to

5 Delicious Korean Snacks You Can Easily Make at Home

Time to try something different!
We’re all familiar with the usual Korean snacks like tteokbokki and kimbap, right? Best believe, though, that Korea has a lot more to offer. In fact, apart from their appetizing dishes and mouth-watering street food Koreans have also mastered making tasty snacks.Below, we

All the Items You Should Check Out in a Korean Grocery

Aside from instant ramen, soju, and kimchi!
When one plans a grocery run to the Korean supermarket, one's grocery list often, if not always, includes instant ramen, soju, ice cream, and kimchi. But if you take the time to go through its aisles and refrigerators and take the time

5 Mouth-Watering Videos of Korean Street Food You Need to Watch

Warning: Don't watch if you're hungry!
Missing South Korea? Whether you're visiting for K-drama filming locations, K-pop mecca tour, cafe hopping, or beauty product hoarding, you've never really experienced SoKor unless you've gone through the long strip of street food in Myeongdong!Now, while we're still waiting for the

10 Kinds of Korean Food You'll Instantly Crave After Watching K-Dramas

Plus, easy recipes you can follow to recreate your faves!
We all know the drill too well when we watch K-dramas: When the soju pops, delicious food is sure to follow. Hence, we're visually tortured to see our favorite characters slurp ramyeon or grill samgyupsal in between scenes. And we before we

7 Easy-to-Follow Korean Food Recipes We Found on Tiktok

Learn a recipe or two today!
Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) began, we’ve all become home cooks in our little ways. Most of us has finally learned how to cook the classic local snacks like turon, puto, and the like. However, K-drama fans are more curious to