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7 of the World's Uniquely Colored Beaches That You Need to See in This Lifetime

7 of the World's Uniquely Colored Beaches That You Need to See in This Lifetime
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Did you know that pink, purple, green, and even black beaches exist?

The earth has a wealth of wonders to offer. Case in point: Did you know that—more than just the usual beige and white—there’s actually a spectrum of other colored beaches littered around the world? Like pink! While most of them are either hard to find or would require quite the trek to see, every single one warrants the long journey.

Below are seven of the most uniquely colored beaches around the world.

1. Pffeifer Beach, Big Sur California, USA (Purple)

Pffeifer Beach in Big Sur California is most famous for its patches of purple sand caused by the violet crystals coming from the manganese garnet cliffs staggering the area. For Californians, it’s a hidden treasure well worth the winding drive along the south of Big Sur Station on Highway 1.


2. Ramla l-Hamra, Gozo Island, Malta (Orange)

Planning a Malta getaway? Don’t miss the the soft sand beach of Ramla I-Hamra in Gozo Island, visited by locals and tourists alike for its sun-burnt grains that perfectly contrast its turquoise waters.


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3. Papakolea Beach, Hawaii, USA (Green)

You’ll have to soldier through quite the trek to marvel at the green sands of Papakolea Beach in Hawaii. Its unusual olive shade comes from emerald olivine crystals present on the beach as caused by the eruption of the state’s Mauna Loa volcano approximately 49,000 years ago.


4. Punalu’u Beach, Hawaii, USA (Black)

Much like fever a dream from an apocalyptic movie, Hawaii’s Punalu’u Beach is completely covered in jet black sand. The coal dark color originates from cooled lava hitting the ocean. Don’t be fooled by the ominous color though because the beach is still considered a perfectly safe and ideal spot for water activities like swimming and snorkeling.

5. Pink Sands Beach in Harbour Island, Bahamas (Pink)

Paging the Instagram-obssesed! The Bahamas’ Pink Sands Beach may just be the cotton candy-hued darling your feed needs. This luxurious getaway gets its famous rose shade from Foraminifera, or microscopic protists whose pink shells color the area’s supposedly beige grains.



6. Hyams Beach, New South Wales, Australia (White)

While the Philippines itself has a vast number of pristine white sand beaches, there’s no denying that Hyams Beach in New South Wales still takes the cake in this category. In fact, this feather-hued destination is considered the Whitest Beach in the World by the Guinness Book of World Records. According to Business Insider, its white virgin white sand is caused by the tiny quartz particles present on the beach.


7. Kaihalulu Beach, Maui (Red)

Making your way to the red sand coastline along Kaihalulu Bay may be a dangerous hike, but for brave souls who love adventure, the descent down rust-hued grains is worth the trek. According to, its unique color originates from the cinder cone located just behind the bay. 


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