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A Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Philippine Passport

Make your passport renewal process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.
Your passport is the one thing that you absolutely can’t leave without when going abroad. You’ll need a passport that’s valid for at least six months to be allowed to leave the country. But with the long waiting time to have your

10 Fun Things to Do in Japan During Autumn Season

Head to the East and see the vibrant colors of fall!
Home to all things kawaii, Japan is the ideal place for those who want to experience the best of both worlds; it’s where cultural heritage meets the future—think high-rise buildings and rapid subways that don't feel out of place with the old

10 Things to Remember Before Spending Winter in South Korea

Planning a trip to the land of K-drama for the holidays?
There are a lot of reasons why South Korea’s winter season is a tourist’s dream come true. It’s a sight to behold with everything covered in a thick blanket of white snow (just like in K-dramas!)—it will certainly draw you in. Who wouldn’t

5 Must-Visit Places in Singapore, According to Andi Manzano

Looking to finish your remaining VLs?
Singapore is one of our closest Asian neighbors that we can visit, but aside from the usual tourist sites, how much have you actually explored of this city state? Andi Manzano shares her favorite spots that you may want to add to your

10 Cool Things to Do on Jeju Island, South Korea

It's more than just nature.
As destinations go, it isn’t exactly top of mind. We’d go as far as to say that most people would probably picture nothing but rolling green hills and lush forests when you say its name, and yes, it has those in spades.

46 Things I Did, Ate, and Saw During My First Trip to New York

You can do a lot in seven days if you plan it right (and wear your walking shoes).
It was part of my bucket list to visit New York before I turned 30, and the city did not disappoint. There's a lot of things to do in New York—too many, in fact, so here's a simple guide to help you

These Resorts Near Manila Will Make You Feel Like You're in Bali

No need to catch a plane!
Beyond the island's famous beaches, Bali has been attracting tourists for its quieter side filled with temples, traditional villages, and scenic, secluded resorts surrounded by greenery. If a trip to Indonesia isn't in the cards for you right now, don't fret—these local garden resorts below will

This Underrated Island in Batangas Could Be Your Next Affordable Beach Trip

It's a virgin island with clear blue waters and white sand beaches.
Just an hour away from Puerto Galera is the untouched virgin beaches of Verde Island, also commonly known as Isla Verde. Generally devoid of potentially damaging commercial establishments, save for a few licensed resorts, Isla Verde boasts of crystal clear blue waters

12 New Things to Do the Next Time You're in Bangkok

How does a rooftop champagne bar sound?
Booked a flight to Bangkok, Thailand? Then check out these fresh hot spots you absolutely must visit during your trip!Atop the recently opened Waldorf Astoria Bangkok, the Loft and the Champagne Bar are just two of the anticipated dining options at the luxury hotel. The

13 New Things You Shouldn't Miss on Your Next Hong Kong Trip

Secret bars you've never heard of, a Swedish visual artist making her Asian debut, a month-long film festival, and more.
Hong Kong is always happening and the city never stays the same for long. While it's great to settle for tried-and-test favorites, why not dive into this dynamic city and sample something new?Newly opened establishments worth your attentionThose tired of the typical

Heart Evangelista Gives us a Tour of Her Favorite Spots in Paris

And a glimpse of what's it like to attend Paris Haute Couture Week!
Ah, Paris! The fashion capital of the world. It's every fashion girl's dream destination as it celebrates fashion in the most oplulent and magnificent way. Perhaps its pinnacle is the haute couture shows that demonstrate just how special fashion is. Curious? Watch

Where to Shop, Eat, and Stay in Taipei

Skip the usual routes and delve into its best-kept secrets.
Chal Chang Lontoc-del Rosario knows Taipei like her own backyard. Besides being half-Taiwanese, her travel agency, Jeron Travel, specializes in tours of the city that skip the usual routes and delve into its best-kept secrets.How to Get There: China Airlines flies directly

Why Cuba Should Be on Your Travel Bucket List

It's unlike any trip you've been on.
A trip to Cuba will be unlike any trip you’ve ever taken before. A lot like traveling back in time to the '80s, it is a city of contradictions that has the full spectrum of the good, bad, and ugly. Vintage American