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This Is the Natural Healing Remedy You Need to Know About

This Is the Natural Healing Remedy You Need to Know About
Welcome to essential oils 101.

Beauty oils will never go out of style in the beauty world. They're natural, healthy, and most of all, they work wonders for our skin—what more can one ask for? But here's an open secret: Oils can do more than give you glowing skin. Some actually help improve your health and well-being, like one of the most talked-about natural remedies today: essential oils.

Below, we answer the most frequently asked questions about EOs to give you a head start. We also talked to two essential oils converts for their stories and tips for beginners. Keep reading to start your wellness journey!

What are essential oils?

According to wellness brand doTERRA, essential oils are natural and volative aromatic compounds found in different parts of plants. They are extracted from leaves, flowers, seeds, barks, and more, and go through either steam distillation or pressing to become oil.

They actually date back to ancient times, eons before medicine was as developed as it is now. Back then, they were used for a variety of purposes, from cosmetic to religious and spiritual—some even added oils to their diet. "History tells us that oils were present during the time of the Egyptians and when the Three Kings gifted Jesus with precious Frankincense and Myrrh when He was born," says essential oils user Chris Daez.


A famous story about the use of oils is one from the era of the Bubonic Plague, where a group of thieves covered themselves in a unique blend to avoid catching the contagious disease of the victims they looted.

How exactly do they work and affect our bodies?

Being an ancient healing method, essential oils use plant extracts to help regulate our body systems. There are three methods of using oils: topical application, aromatherapy, and ingestion.

In the case of aromatherapy, the aromatic compounds of EOs move fast, which allows them to move quickly through the air and come in direct contact with our olfactory sensors. It is believed that these sensors send certain messages to our brain that influence our mental and physical health.

As for topical application, it works basically the same way as our body lotions, except they're more natural and have health benefits. Ingestion, on the other hand, is riskier and need to be researched on before being done

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What are the advantages of using them?

If you're looking to explore a more natural route for improving your health and wellness, essential oils might be for you. For example, Chris thinks that it helped her reduce the chemicals her family took and she hasn't looked back since. "The turning point for me was when my kids were sick and giving them antibiotics was no longer an option because I had just given them antibiotics just the week before," she recalls. "It really broke my heart to see them suffer, so I decided to start making essential oil blends and found out what worked for them."

As for photographer Sara Black, she likes how EOs help with common ailments naturally instead of having her resort to chemicals that can add to the toxicity of the body. Keep this in mind if you're the type to pop a pill at the slightest hint of a headache!


Who are essential oils best for? Is it safe?

Apparently, everyone including animals can benefit from this natural remedy. As long as you're not allergic to the oil and you use it properly, nothing should go wrong. That said, it's best to do a vast amount of research before jumping into the trend. You may look for licensed aromatherapist or even ask your doctor about it.

The safety of the oils you use also depend on where you're buying them. Chris shares that oils sold at a lower price range might have synthetic scents instead of the real thing, meaning they will have no therapeutic value. Therefore, it's best to invest in high-quality oils from reputable brands. Brands such as doTERRA and Young Living are recommended by aromatherapists for pure, high-grade oils.

How different are they from regular beauty oils?

"Essential oils can use common beauty oils (like argan, VCO, sunflower seed) as a carrier oil since EOs are too potent to apply on the skin by itself," Sara explains. Many beauty oils also tend to be more moisturizing than those typically only used for wellness.

This doesn't mean that essential oils can't be beauty oils, though, because some like tea tree and lavender oil have been well-researched and proven to help with certain skin conditions.

How do I start?

Attending a class with an essential oils expert is the best thing to get you started. There, you'll be able to know all the basics from a licensed professional who has done all the research for you. You may try inquiring at the Fully Booked branch at Bonifacio High Street about their essential oils seminars or contacting local essential oil brands about sessions.

Moreover, since the practice usually involves certain blends and recipes, Sara recommends buying ready-made mixes from reputable brands for beginners. This is so you won't feel overwhelmed but still be able to experience the benefits of certain oils.


Stay tuned next week to find out the right way to use essential oils!

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