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6 Ways to Style Your Baby Hair

Make those wisps work for you!
6 Ways to Style Your Baby Hair
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Make those wisps work for you!

You may remember back in high school when you used to hate your baby hairs: those pesky, unruly little wisps that just won’t be tamed no matter how you brushed them up or down. Despite all efforts, those tendrils just wouldn’t go away, pretty much deflating your chances to sport a sleek and straight hairdo. They’re hard to conceal and even harder to maintain!

Fast forward to today, when we’re no longer wishing for our baby hairs to disappear. Baby hairs are very much a part of your hairstyle, and can instantly elevate a look depending on how they’re styled. Celebrities from here to Hollywood are now proudly sporting and flaunting their baby hair, inspiring others to deliberately have their haircut taken to add baby hair that wasn’t there before to their hairlines.

Don’t fight against nature—work with what you have for your best ‘do yet. Below are six easy tips on how to style your baby hair that you can definitely do yourself.


1. Curl your baby hairs along your hairline.

We love Mark Familara’s work on Janine Gutierrez’s baby hairs, which he was able to style to polished perfection to evoke that charming old-school glamour. To cop this look perfectly, take notes from him and use some light pomade, along with a clean spoolie to create those fabulous swirls, following the direction of your hairline such as along the sideburns and across the forehead. So chic!

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2. Style them into curly baby bangs.

In yet another hairdo by Mark, his work on Denise Laurel’s wispy strands has us swooning! In a ’90s-inspired hairstyle, Mark added an extra oomph to Denise’s popstar-esque half-up ponytail by taming and curling those baby hairs into styled mini bangs. To get this look yourself, using a boar-bristle brush or a toothbrush, wet the bristles with water before brushing the baby hairs forward. Then, using pomade, twist and swoop them to either side to create a curled curtain effect.


3. Pair your baby hairs with braids. 

Braids and baby hairs go extremely well together! Take it from KZ Tandingan’s ‘do, whose Chun Li-inspired braids automatically introduce texture and wave that would allow your baby hairs to blend in. Like KZ, you can style them with extra pomade to add a slick quality to your baby hairs before styling them into curtain-style bangs. As an alternative, you can simply brush them with a wet toothbrush and part as desired for a more low-maintenance look on days where you need to get up and go.


4. Leave them sleek and natural.

In another variation of the curtain part, you can tame your baby hairs into being styled accordingly without the wave or curl for a natural look. Take your cue from Coleen Garcia, whose straight baby bangs nicely sweep across her forehead. To make sure they stay in place so you don’t fuss over them the entire night, you can use a pinch of light putty or pomade and spread them evenly among the strands.


5. Conceal them along the hairline.

Sometimes, you don’t want them out in the open—and that’s okay. You can conceal them in a simple, relaxed yet polished brushed down style like Pia Wurtzbach’s look below. Wet a toothbrush and brush them along the baby hairs, while guiding them to follow your hairline to join the main strands. You can also finish lightly with some hairspray to secure the look in place!


For a more brushed-up look like Zendaya’s, try out a sleeker take and brush your baby hairs upwards toward the direction of the main crown and apply some pomade to keep those wisps in place.

6. Go au naturel.

Sometimes, the best way to style your baby hairs is to just leave them be, especially when they bring special and different textures to your hairstyle. Untamed, untouched baby hair looks best when the rest of your mane is tied in a bun for a relaxed and approachable "I woke up like this" vibe. Take your cue once more from Zendaya’s no-frills bun, where she’s hanging out under the sun with a messy high bun and with her tendrils out in the open. No fuss needed for this effortless look.


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