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7 Ways to Style Your Pencil Skirts for the Office

Get the most use out of this tailored staple.
A pencil skirt is a staple in a career woman's wardrobe for a reason. The figure-flattering silhouette never goes out of fashion, and the tailored piece always has a way of looking professional and polished. To help you maximize this wardrobe classic, here

Here's What to Wear with Layered Necklaces for Your Next OOTD

Look on point!
Unless you've been on a social media cleanse for the past few months (although we kinda doubt it), then you're probably aware of the layered necklace trend that's been taking over our feeds. From golden pendants, pearl drops, to zodiac charms, people

10 Cute Ways to Wear Boots Even When You're Not Traveling

Who says you can't wear it in the city anyway?
For women across the globe, a pair of boots has long been considered a fashion staple. But for tropical gals like us, many have been averse to this shoe style. After all, we tend to reserve boots for colder weather. But lo

How to Style Your Little Black Dress for All Occasions

It's a must-have for every girl!
Among the many fashion items in your closet, the little black dress is probably one of the pieces that you get the most wear of. And how could it not be? It’s truly a versatile piece that even bold fashion chameleons wouldn’t shy

12 Chic Ways to Style an Oversized Shirt

Redefine the T-shirt and jeans combo with these cool tricks.
With the streetwear trend as ubiquitous as ever, oversized shirts have become wardrobe staples for every kind of fashion girl. But, styling an oversized shirt isn't as easy as throwing on a puff-sleeved blouse. Given its basic shape and often simple fabric,

10 Ways to Pull Off the Blazer Over Dress Look

Trust us, you’d wanna snap an OOTD for this.
If there’s a foolproof way in putting a good outfit together, it would probably be sticking to the classics. After all, one of the surefire indicators of good style is timelessness. But if you try to take two classic pieces such as

Here's How You Should Be Wearing Cropped Tops in 2020

They're sassier than ever.
Whether or not you're comfortable with exposing some skin every once in a while, there's no denying that cropped tops have become somewhat of a mainstay in fashion—the piece is just reinvented every season. Recall: in yesteryears, we used to wear (gulp)

5 Chic Ways to Wear Black Skinny Jeans to Work

An easy alternative to trousers!
Out of all the jeans in your closet, your black skinny jeans are, perhaps, the easiest kind to sneak into the workplace. With its dark hue and snug fit, this type of jeans has a sleeker and dressier appearance compared to light wash denim. If you pair it with the right

6 Ways to Ease into Color If You Love Wearing Black Too Much

Because color deserves a chance.
Black. A non-color so safe and so tempting to use for every OOTD. It suits any occasion and instantly makes you look chic—just take the simple black turtleneck for example. However, when worn too often, there's a risk of looking monotonous and,

Let These Stylish Men Show You How to Pull Off an Oversized Suit

Big suits are in, and here's how to wear them.
Going to an event doesn't always mean you have to bust out that traditional suit. Sometimes, a little risk-taking is needed to keep things interesting. Case in point, the oversized suit that's been on-trend for the past couple of years.If the only

6 Ways to Style Your Baby Hair

Make those wisps work for you!
You may remember back in high school when you used to hate your baby hairs: those pesky, unruly little wisps that just won’t be tamed no matter how you brushed them up or down. Despite all efforts, those tendrils just wouldn’t go

Mimiyuuuh Has a Cool Layering Trick You'd Want to Steal

This one's her particular favorite.
Mimiyuuuh, comedy-queen YouTube favorite and celebrated Preview cover girl, not-so-secretly nurses a level-1000 mastery of cute, clever layering. In fact, consider that an understatement—she's so good at it. While Mimi's definitely all about cool piling, this trick is clearly her particular favorite:

7 Chic Ways to Wear Your Culottes in the Office

It's more versatile than you think!
In between pants and skirts, culottes exist—and they are so comfortable to wear. The cropped, wide-legged pants have room for movement yet still carry that same professional vibe you get from wearing black slacks. It's no surprise that they've become a workwear staple! If you need inspiration on how to maximize yours,

How to Style Your Black Turtleneck for the Office

Maximize this wardrobe basic.
A black turtleneck is a must for many working women, and with good reason: It has a modest neckline, keeps you warm and toasty, and most importantly, serves as a good foundation for countless outfits. Get the most out of this staple by pairing it

15 Cool Ways to Look Stylish in a Baseball Cap

Keep it casual.
Ah, the baseball cap. It's a certified staple from the casual half of almost everyone's closet, though chances are that you reserve it for those drab days off you want to conceal, not feel. To rebutt, here's a thought to consider: With

Let These Celebrities School You on How to Wear Oversized Suits

They've got power dressing down pat!
The secret to your next power outfit may be hidden inside your boyfriend’s—or your dad’s!—closet. Currently seen on every fashion girl on the street, an oversized suit has that sophisticated and chic vibe that offers a balance between a structured silhouette and a

10 Youthful and Effortless Wardrobe Staples You Need Now

Stylish for every age!
You may not be willing to suffer for fashion on the day-to-day—stiletto heels may be too much of a struggle for an ordinary day, and trendy pieces like neon belt bags may not necessarily appeal to you. It's only natural to need