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10 Very Peri and Violet Hair Colors That You Can Totally Pull Off

10 Very Peri and Violet Hair Colors That You Can Totally Pull Off
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Own this trendy hue!

When everyone is dyeing their hair primary colors like red and blue, we won't blame you for going a different direction for your own makeover. Your best bet? Go for a secondary color like violet instead—it's not the usual choice, but it's a pretty hue all the same!

Being a combination of red and blue, violet makes for a flattering hair color for both warm and cool-toned complexions. It's also a very close cousin of the 2022 Pantone color the year, Very Peri, so really, there's no better time to paint your locks with it than now. With that said, we collected 10 flattering ways you can pull off violet and very peri hair below. Have fun!

10 Very Peri and Violet Hair Colors Worth Trying

1. Very Peri

The beauty of this Pantone color is that it possesses the serene vibe of blue and the playfulness of violet and red at once. It's neither too cool nor too warm, which means it can suit a wide variety of skin tones almost effortlessly. No more guesswork!

very peri hair dye
PHOTO BY Instagram/mimizainhair

2. Purplish Blue

If you don't mind a predominantly blue dye job, this is the hair color for you. To switch it up from the usual blue, though, ask your colorist to mix in some purplish hues to give life to the sullen cool tone. This will make the shade match a warm-toned complexion easier as well, thanks to the natural hint of red in purple.

violet hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/yuta.oteki

3. Lilac

Not ready for an intense violet 'do? Go for a lilac color instead to experience the trendy tone without committing to its vibrance. While it's not exactly the most low-maintenance dye in the world, it's definitely a show-stopper that you can also easily transition to other shades like gray or blue!

violet hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/mimizainhair
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4.  Violet Dip Dyed Bob

Now this is a fun one. If you feel intimidated by having violet all over your tresses, paint just an inch or two of your strands with it instead to give the shade a shot. As you can see in the photo below, a dip-dye in this shade looks gorgeous with a white base, but you can make it work with blonde or a more natural color, too!

violet hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/yuta.oteki

5. Pastel Violet and Pink Peek-a-Boo

For a non-boring color combo, you can't go wrong with violet and pink. These two hues are a match made in heaven, to the point where doing a peek-a-boo color or an ombré with them is almost a no-brainer. The dye job below, for example, just screams bubblegum unicorn and we're obsessed.

violet hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

6. Very Peri Roots

Dyeing only your roots is another subtle way to give your tresses a pop of color. You can go as bright or dark as you want, depending on how much color contrast you can handle. Do take note that you will have to touch this up quite frequently, so go for a shade you can comfortably DIY or one that'll fade gracefully on you.

very peri hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/ytkw1123

7. Dark Violet Balayage

For a more classic take on violet locks, a balayage on dark tresses is your best option. This technique will blend the hue with your natural tresses delicately, giving you your dream color without pushing the envelope too far. The dark roots keep the dye job low-maintenance as well since it limits the need for touch-ups.

violet hair color ideas
PHOTO BY Instagram/jessicapowerspaints

8. Ash Violet Balayage

Another option for a balayage is this ashy take on our star color. Its muted tone will look super chic on Filipina skin tones, especially if you have a golden tan, while the balayage technique allows for a graceful fade. Not only that, it's probably the subtlest violet hue you can rock!

9. Very Peri Blend

This two-toned dye job is one to consider for those who want a softer take on the peek-a-boo trend. The secret to pulling it off is choosing shades that are basically on the same side of the color wheel (like violet and very peri), as this will achieve a seamless blend that looks even more stunning when your hair is styled.

10. Violet Highlights

Chunky highlights are still all the rage, so why not give it a shot with a fun color like violet? If you end up liking it enough, you might even want to pursue it as a full head dye, which we already gave references for above!


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