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10 Stunning Blue Hair Color Ideas to Consider for Your Next Makeover

These are literally the coolest.
10 Stunning Blue Hair Color Ideas to Consider for Your Next Makeover
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These are literally the coolest.

Compared to other primary colors, blue hair is one of the less intimidating shades to try out if you want to experiment with your hair. It's not as shocking as a full head of red or green, nor is it as stark as a bright yellow. Its close proximity to black also lets it give off a more "achievable" vibe, especially for naturally raven-haired Filipinas. But then again, there's also the fact that blue hair colors can look absolutely stunning on anyone, and there's a ton of different ways to pull it off. Keep scrolling from some ideas for your next salon appointment!

10 Blue Hair Color Ideas to Try Now

1. Midnight Blue

One misconception about a blue black hair color is that you don't need bleach to achieve it, when the reality is actually the opposite. To achieve that cool tint, you'll have to bleach your mane to create a base for the dye that'll make it more vibrant. That said, it's definitely one of the easiest shades to maintain with the right products in your routine. 

2. Navy Blue

For a dark blue dye job that's less subtle, go for a classic navy hue. What we love about this is that it can fade gracefully into a lighter shade of blue so you can experience the full spectrum of the color—that is, if you maintain it with toning products. One tip when getting this color is to keep your roots dark so when your hair grows, the gradation with the blue is less harsh.

3. Pastel Blue

There's a hundred ways to wear pastel blue hair, and if we could, we'd try them all. A solid color would be the simplest way to do it, but pale highlights would be a great option for anyone who isn't ready for the commitment. Because as you can probably guess, pastel hair takes a lot of work to stay the way it is, but for such a dreamy result, it's so worth it.


4. Teal

Don't want to go overboard with the blue? Mix in a bit of green and get a vibrant teal color that will make even mermaids jealous. In case a bright, almost pastel kind of teal isn't for you, you might love it blended with your naturally dark hair instead for a more low key, rocker chic kind of look.

5. Gray Blue

This hue is another hybrid color, this time of blue and gray. The benefit of getting this dye job is that it's less likely to turn brassy (click here for more tips on curbing that effect), thanks to the strong cool tones in it. Especially with the right purple shampoo on your side, you can maintain this ashy shade for as long as you want it.

6. Cobalt Blue

Since we watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Ramona Flowers' vibrant cobalt locks have been on our hair bucketlist. And whether you're a fan of the movie or not, we can still probably agree that this bright blue shade is one of the prettiest blues out there.

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7. Blue Highlights

Getting highlights in a color you like is a classic trick for trying a shade without fully committing to it. This definitely applies to different shades of blue, too, and you won't regret trying it once in your life. Who knows, it might convince you to get a full head of color next!

8. Black Blue Ombré

Remember when we said that midnight blue still needs bleaching? Well, an ombré hair color can help you cut down on the amount of hair you need to lighten. Leaving your roots as they are means you don't have to worry about frequent touch-ups either, so it's perfect for first-time bleachers who want to venture into bold colors.

9. Blue Dip Dye

The cool thing about having parts (or all) of your hair bleached is that dip dyes are a breeze to achieve. It's such a cool and fun way to experiment with colors! If you already have light hair, why not dip your ends in some blue dye, or do the opposite and get the blue closer to your roots for a flattering grow-out.


10. Peekaboo Blue

In case you haven't heard of peekaboo hair colors yet, it's when you only have one half (either the inner or outer) of your hair dyed an experimental shade and the other half is left with a natural color. The finished product looks amazing when it's styled, and it can be such a conversation starter, too!

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