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10 Flattering Red Hair Color Ideas That Look Great on Filipinas

These warm hues are perfect for your next Instagram selfie!
10 Flattering Red Hair Color Ideas That Look Great on Filipinas
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These warm hues are perfect for your next Instagram selfie!

There’s just something about red hair that’s both eye-catching and chic. Blame it on iconic redhead pop culture characters like Archie Andrews, Spider-Man’s Mary Jane Watson, or even Beth Harmon of The Queen’s Gambit—there’s no denying that this fiery ‘do is definitely stylish. But don’t be fooled, red hair doesn’t always mean a bold cartoonish hue. There’s a ton of crimson shades to choose from that’ll definitely suit your personality and skin tone best. 

The beauty of red tresses is that it’s quite easy to achieve on Asian hair. Since Pinays have naturally brown to black locks, with a prominent warm undertone, there are a number of red hair colors that won’t require you to pre-lighten or use bleach to achieve. Not to mention, there are a variety of options of DIY boxed dyes you can buy in the drugstore, grocery, or online shops that are extremely affordable.

What kind of red hair color would suit my skin tone?

For fair to light skin tones

Most shades of red would look great if you’re fair, but the best colors are the ones that have a copper or bright orange tinge. Since your complexion is quite pale, you can go bold with red orange, light auburn, and even strawberry blonde to make your skin tone pop.

For medium to tan skin tones

Reddish brown hair colors would suit you best or a pure red color with a bluish and cool undertone. Wine-colored dyes are also a great option if you want something a little more head-turning.

For deep to dark undertones

Contrary to what you might think, deep or dark skin tones can go for fiery red colors that are bold but not light. Think burnt orange and wine red that look great against a beautiful tan because of the stark contrast.


To kick off your red hair color journey, here are 10 hues to try that would definitely look flattering on you:

1. Auburn

The perfect blend of red and brown mixed together, auburn is a beautiful brick shade that will bring out the rosiness of your complexion. It’s also a pretty safe dye job to try if you want a more “natural” look but still an obvious pop of color.

2. Copper

If you’ve got extremely fair skin, channel your inner Emma Stone with this hair color. Copper is a gorgeous red orange hue that’ll brighten up your complexion if you’re extremely pale. The trick is to never skip blush to not looked too washed out because of your bold copper tresses.

3. Burgundy

Here’s a color that looks great whether you’re morena or mestiza. Burgundy is a versatile hair color that you can easily achieve with a DIY boxed dye, too. It’s the perfect shade to try if you don’t want to change up your look too much but prefer a hue that’s not too common.

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4. Ruby Red

Want to try a “true red” hue? Then ruby red is the color to try! Characterized as a rich bright crimson shade that could rival the brightness of copper, this is a nice red to try if you’re extremely pale or have a deep to dark complexion. The contrast between your tresses and your skin tone is what you want for a flattering look.

5. Strawberry Blonde

A color that’s in between red orange and blonde, strawberry tresses are worth a try if you’re itching to go light. The good thing about this shade is that brassiness is pretty much welcome, as long as you prevent the color from looking too muddy.

6. Cherry Red

If you like to add a touch of pink to your blush ‘do, then may we recommend cherry red? This flirty shade is fun, bright, and not for the faint-hearted. Then again, you wouldn’t pick this color if you’re the least bit shy.


7. Mahogany

This one’s for all the girls who love to go natural no matter what. Mahogany is a deep reddish brown hue that practically looks good on any Filipina—whether you’re morena or mestiza.

8. Red Orange

Think Hayley Williams of Paramore when imagining this shade. It’s blinding bright, unapologetic, and is perfect for the girl who’s a bit of a rebel. Be wary though, this color requires bleaching to achieve this level of bold pigmentation on your tresses. But we promise you, it’ll be worth it.

9. Rose Gold

Looking for a unique pastel reddish color? Rose gold is the chic shade to try that’ll really give you a youthful look. Again, pre-lightening is required to get this gorgeous ashy blush hue.

10. Plum

Not to be confused with burgundy, plum has an obvious violet tone. The color shifts from deep red to purple depending on how it’s applied. This is achievable with a boxed dye or semi-permanent hair dyes. Although if you have really dark brown or black hair, it would be advisable to bleach your tresses first to make the color standout more.

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