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10 Delicate Collarbone Tattoo Ideas If You Want a Minimalist Ink

These will definitely inspire you to get inked.
For the bold yet artsy folks who want to flaunt their inks, your clavicle or collarbone can be a tasteful spot for their display. This area offers lots of possibilities in terms of design, not to mention that a tattoo will give

12 Dainty Watercolor Tattoo Designs That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

You can't go wrong with this dreamy tattoo style!
Not gravitating toward strong outlines and dark shadings? A delicate watercolor tattoo may just be your perfect match! The ink’s bright colors and light gradients create a natural fade, mimicking the strokes of actual watercolor paintings. From flowers and butterflies to minimal

3 Korean Actors with Tattoos That You Don't See in K-Dramas

One actor admitted his tattoos are the "naughtiest" thing he's done.
It's no secret that Korean actors aren't the biggest patrons of tattoos. Other than the inconvenience of covering them up while filming, many celebrities just avoid it because of the persisting stigma around the art. (FYI, tattooing by non-medical practicioners are technically

These Are the Hidden Meanings Behind Heart Evangelista's New Tattoos

She got a tattoo of her husband's handwriting and a small daisy.
Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Let Heart Evangelista inspire you to take the plunge. She just added two new inks to her tattoo collection (she now has three!), and they both seem to hold special meanings for the actress.Reposting a video of

10 Elegant and Minimalist Nape Tattoo Designs You Won't Regret Getting

Not afraid to show off your ink? Consider inking the back of your neck!
Having a tattoo behind your neck can be quite intimidating since it's always visible, but opting for a minimalist design would make it less daunting. Nape tattoos are actually quite elegant, and their confident, unapologetic vibe makes for such a cool statement.That's why

Here's Where You Can Buy Dainty, Minimalist Temporary Tattoos

Can't commit to a permanent ink yet?
If you're on the fence about getting a permanent tattoo or feel anxious around needles, then a wash-off temporary tattoo could be your new best friend. With temporary tattoos, you can experiment and decorate your skin with different patterns to see what

13 Small Matching Tattoo Ideas That Are Perfect for Couples

Looking for a low-key ink?
Matching ink is always cute, but truth is, it's also one of the most meaningful tattoos you can stamp on your skin. For one, you can see it as a permanent promise of love and commitment between you and your significant other! It's

7 Best Friends Share the Stories Behind Their Matching Tattoos

Their stories will make you want to get a matching ink, too!
Having a matching tattoo with your best friend is such a special way to solidify your friendship. It's one way to say you'll always be there for each other, despite all the ups and downs.Below, seven groups of best friends share the

15 Dainty Wave Tattoo Designs That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Get ready to screenshot all your faves.
When it comes to designs for your first-ever tattoo, there are just some ideas you can never go wrong with. Case in point: Wave tattoos. They're cool, timeless, and will always remind you of the water—perfect for all the beach lovers out

10 Simple Ankle Tattoo Ideas If You Want Something Discreet

Thinking about getting inked?
If you're looking for discreet places to put your tattoo, have you ever thought about placing it on your ankle? It’s the perfect place for some new ink if you want something subtle!Whether you're into deep and meaningful designs or quirky and

These Are the Meanings Behind Coleen Garcia's Tattoos

Did you know she designed the anchor ink on her back?
Just like her husband Billy Crawford, Coleen Garcia also has her own impressive set of tattoos. Though her collection is smaller and more conservative in size, you'll be surprised at how big the meanings are behind some of them. She has a

5 Korean Actresses with Tattoos That You Don't See in K-Dramas

One of them even reportedly had her tattoos removed!
In most parts of the world, getting a tattoo is almost as easy as getting take-out from your favorite restaurant. You can be in and out of the shop in under half an hour with a small design, and after that, you

5 Celebrity Tattoos That Went Wrong and the Stories Behind Them

From typos to wrong translations.
While most people get tattoos as a permanent reminder of a significant memory or important event in their lives, not all cases end up successful. Even stars have had experiences with a tattoo gone wrong. From typos to wrong translations, here are

These Celebrities Got Matching Tattoos and Here Are the Stories Behind Them

What else can be more fitting to commemorate your unbreakable bond than a permanent ink, right?
People have different ways of showing just how tight they are with each other. Some friends and couples show how close they are with each other by getting matching tattoos together. What else can be more fitting to commemorate your unbreakable bond than a

10 Flattering Chest Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Want to commit to a statement tattoo? Here are some stylish designs to consider.
After saving countless of photo pegs on Pinterest and Instagram, you’ve finally decided to get a tattoo. Though a design on your arm or wrist is popular, there’s also something unique and interesting about a tatt on your torso. That said, you

Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Rose Tattoo

A rose isn't only pretty, but meaningful, too!
So you finally decided to get a tattoo. Unlike putting on makeup and getting a piercing (you can change up your earrings or studs once in a while!), a tatt will be there forever in the exact same spot you choose to