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Han So Hee Shows Off Multiple Tattoos in a Shoot for Balenciaga

We're obsessed with the sultry ink on her hip!
Han So Hee's tattoos from her modeling days may no longer be there, but it looks like the Korean actress has no qualms about sporting an inked look in 2022. In fact, that's exactly what the Korean actress did in her latest

12 Dainty Flower Tattoos to Get Inked, According to Your Birth Month

Can't choose a bloom for your tattoo? You can't go wrong with your birth flower!
A flower can be one of the most timeless designs you can get tattooed. Each one can carry a unique meaning and story, but the down side is, it can be quite overwhelming to choose just one for your ink. So if

10 Meaningful Baybayin Tattoo Ideas That Will Convince You to Get Inked

Make a strong statement with our ancient script.
If you’re thinking of tattooing words on your skin, consider having them written in Baybayin instead. As the ancient script of pre-colonial Filipinos, it could be a great way to subtly celebrate your heritage, but in a subtle way. Baybayin can also

8 Alluring Bikini Line Tattoos You Can Show Off at the Beach

You can easily hide (and show off) these tatts.
Aside from the actual design, the placement of your ink is one of the things you have to think about when getting a tattoo. The wrist, forearm, and ribcage are just some of the most popular options out there. But if you

12 Minimalist Flower Tattoo Ideas and Their Hidden Meanings

Fall in love with these delicate inks and their stories.
If you're looking to have a new tattoo, we won't be surprised if you've considered a floral ink. Not only are they timeless and elegant, the meanings behind different flowers can also be deeply personal. One way to "simplify" its deep meaning

Here's a Closer Look at All of Heart Evangelista's Small, Dainty Tattoos

Her chic, easy-to-hide inks will definitely convince you to get inked.
Because of their profession, many celebrities keep their tattoo design choices small. You'll see this in the likes of Sofia Andres, Andrea Brillantes, and Anne Curtis, who all sport tiny inks in easily-concealed places. The same can be said for Heart Evangelista,

15 Adorable Non-Matching Tattoos You Can Get with Your Best Friend

Want to get ink with your best friend?
When you were younger, you swore your friendship and loyalty to your best friends by making adorable necklaces or bracelets. Now that you're older, you may want to upgrade this by getting tattoos—a more permanent sign of your bond!If you're not a

10 Small and Eye-Catching Ear Tattoos Minimalists Would Love

They can double as ear jewelry!
If you love to accessorize, an ear tattoo may be something you would want to consider. It will look amazing when curated with jewelry, like an earring you can't take off! Ear tatts are also perfect for individuals who like to be

7 Female K-Pop Idols with Tattoos You Rarely See on TV

One of them has matching tattoos with someone in her group!
There's no denying that tattoos are one of the best options if you want to commemorate a special moment or even a special person in your life. They last for a lifetime, and can be unique to only you. That, and the

10 Small Wrist Tattoo Ideas with Simple Meanings

Here are dainty yet personal options you can get definitely get behind.
The wrist is a popular location for tattoos–and there’s a good reason behind that. For one, it's small, open space, making it an easy canvas for any design you have in mind. It is also a tattoo placement that's easily hidden or

12 Chic and Creative Tattoo Designs That Are Fit for A Pisces

Flaunt your sign with a cool tatt!
Since it’s Pisces season, why not make the most out of it by getting an ink inspired by the sign?But before that, let's get into what Pisceans are like. According to astrology, Pisces individuals are usually tagged as emotional and moody, but

7 Tattoo Placement Ideas That Look Effortlessly Sultry

You'll love showing these off when you're in a bikini!
Aside from the design, one of the important things to think about before getting a tattoo is the placement! The wrist, arm, and ankle are just some of the popular spots to get inked. But if you want something different and a

11 Elegant and Minimal Moon Tattoo Ideas You'll Want to Get Inked

These chic designs are definitely out of this world.
The moon is nothing short of magical; and for some, it may even have a special meaning. To preserve those special memories, or simply adorn yourself with its elegance, getting a moon tattoo is the way to go!You can choose different moon

10 Minimalist Planet Tattoo Ideas and Their Hidden Meanings

Feeling inspired by the cosmos?
While most of the universe remains unknown, we can still appreciate its quiet beauty from afar. For one, a tattoo of your favorite celestial figures is a great way to keep a piece of the cosmos close to you. To think, you

10 Popular Tattoo Designs And the Meanings Behind Them

These inks are well-loved for a reason.
Getting a tattoo, especially your first one, is nothing short of exciting. There are countless tatt options out there, but it can easily get overwhelming to decide on one you want to keep forever. So if you want to make the process