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7 Style and Beauty Tips for Flattering Your Face Shape

7 Style and Beauty Tips for Flattering Your Face Shape
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Show off that golden ratio.

The MAAT Golden Ratio Search is a beauty contest unlike any other. It's an Asia-wide search for ten of the most symmetrical faces in the continent, spanning Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and many more. They're basically looking for women with perfectly symmetrical faces to highlight the beauty and diversity of Asian women. Interesting, right?

That said, even if you aren't a potential candidate, don't fret. Knowing your face shape alone can help you style yourself like you won the genetic lottery. As proof, we scored exclusive tips from Golden Ratio Search's fashion and beauty mentors that will enhance, flatter, and balance your features in ways you probably never considered. See them below!

1. Tailor your contouring technique to your face shape.

Adding shadows to certain areas of your face through contouring defines your bone structure and highlights certain features to make it look more symmetrical. According to beauty mentor and Unilever beauty expert Agoo Bengzon, round faces can do this by creating the illusion of a more elongated jawline and pronounced cheekbones. For heart-shaped faces, she advises saving the contour for the forehead and temples, since the chin area is already narrow.


Those with square faces can skip contouring if they wish, the beauty expert adds. She explains, "The dominant issue is sharp angles which can create a strong visual. It would be wise to refrain from creating more contours." Simply adding color to the face with blush and bronzer should give this face shape enough definition.

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2. Customize your blush and brows.

In addition to your contour, Agoo says that the way you apply blush and do your brows should also be tailored to your face shape. Those with more pronounced cheeks should opt for rounded strokes when applying blush to soften that area, while those that need definition should use angled strokes. The same goes for brows, wherein sharp and arched shapes go well with less angular shapes like round faces.

3. Enhance your face shape with the perfect haircut.

Your hair can do as much magic for your face shape as makeup can, so always consult your stylist to check if your peg suits your features. "For oblong shapes who need to balance out the length of their face, long layers may do more harm than good," notes Agoo. The opposite could be said for round faces, where vertical cuts are always welcome but horizontal styles like blunt bangs are no-no's.

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4. Choose eyewear that enhances your features.

Popping on some sunnies (or prescription glasses) is a quick fix if you don't have time to contour. "If your face is wide, make sure your glasses don't go wider," says fashion mentor and stylist Em Millan. "If your face is round, it's best to have angular frames to even it out." Unsure of your face shape? Go for aviators. Em thinks they're the most universally flattering specs out there, but adds that certain sizes and tints will have varying effects to your look.

5. Make your jewelry work in your favor.

For example, Em thinks that small hoops or circular dangling earrings complement long face shapes more than long tassels. On the other hand, square and round faces should look amazing with angular earrings and long necklaces to add extra length and definition.

6. Play around with necklines.

Even the necklines of your tops can address your face shape's needs, and in fact, the stylist notes that the right neckline can make or break a look. "Fortunately, anyone can look sexy with the off-shoulder trend. However, turtlenecks are tricky, because they really put all the attention on the face," she explains. Those with strong jawlines and short necks should therefore avoid high necklines to dodge a stubby look.


7. Balance is key.

At the end of the day, the goal is to maintain a balanced look that you're comfortable with. The magic that makeup and clothes have serves no good if you don't feel like yourself. That's why if you have a round face but want to keep your blunt bangs, a pair of cat-eye sunnies should help keep your angles strong and defined instead. No pressure!

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