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10 Genius TikTok Makeup Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Plus tips on how to make them work BETTER.
Spending too much time on TikTok? Don't worry, we are, too. Amidst the bottomless pit of side-splitting duets and dances though, we still find a ton of makeup hacks that has us questioning our entire approach. Scroll through for some of our favorite

How to Cheat a V-Shaped Face, According to a Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo has all the tricks for an Instagram-ready face.
As big of a help foundation and concealer can be, using them alone doesn't necessarily produce the most realistic effect. It's only after you apply your blush and your contour that your features actually pop (or reappear, if you went a little

5 Ways to Achieve a Slimmer and More V-Shaped Face

With and without makeup!
The desire for a more chiseled face is nothing new in beauty, but in Asia, the demand is a little more specific. Given that most Asians tend to have more rounded or square-shaped faces, it's common for people to want to sculpt their

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Contouring

Gear up for the ultimate sculpting lesson.
Although Kim Kardashian does deserve some credit for making contouring more mainstream, it's by no means a fleeting online beauty trend. Makeup artists have been sculpting faces for decades, and it's definitely one of those things that perfectly demonstrates just how transformative makeup can be. A few

The Best Brushes for Contouring, According to Makeup Artists

Meet the best tools of the contouring trade.
Let's face it—your contour can only be as good as how you choose to apply it. Even the best contour palette in the world can be useless when it's not used with the correct tool, which is why before you chisel those cheeks, you better be

15 Contour Sticks for Instantly Sculpted Cheekbones

Just swipe and blend!
Ah, contour sticks. Our toddler selves would've never imagined that we'd be wielding something so similar to crayons with as much precision and care. And yet, that's exactly what we do, drawing ourselves a slightly more chiseled cheekbone than the one we're

15 Contour Palettes That Suit Different Skin Tones

Sculpted cheekbones made easy!
Whether you’re a makeup artist or you simply love glamming yourself up, a contour palette is one of the most versatile products you need to own. Not only can it be used to sculpt your face, the wide range of color options (and finishes!)

10 Effective Tricks to Make Your Big Forehead Look Smaller

Instant results guaranteed.
If you're blessed with more forehead space than the rest of the population, don't let that get you down. Just remember: People with narrow foreheads can't make theirs wider, but you can absolutely do the opposite with yours. YouTuber Chloe Morello, a

8 Korean Beauty Tips That Will Change How You Do Your Makeup

K-beauty fans, take notes!
When it comes to beauty and skincare, we can count on Korean brands to give results. More than that, we can also learn from their pros! Here, we share a few interesting tips from Banila Co's chief makeup artist Kangpil Kim. (Spoiler: they're

10 Must-Try Products from Tom Ford Beauty

Perfumes, eyeshadows, and more!
Tom Ford Beauty has come a long way since releasing unique fragrances in 2006. The American brand is now home to a collection of classic cosmetics, including a wide range of lip colors and essentials for a perfect base. Now that it's

This Facial Gives Glowing and Contoured Skin After Just One Session

The hype is real, you guys.
The Treatment: The Oxylight Madonna FacialWhat it is: A total workout for the face—that’s how The Aivee Clinic describes The Madonna Facial. It’s named after the celebrity because it’s literally one of the things that she gets done for her face—no wonder

5 Essential Makeup Tricks We Learned from Patrick Starrr

Selfies are actually mandatory.
Last Saturday, Preview had a chance to sit in YouTuber Patrick Starrr's first major beauty event in the Philippines. He taught a makeup masterclass using products from his collab line with MAC Cosmetics, while demonstrating a gorgeous look on his model, Asia's Next Top

10 Nose-Defining Products That Look Super Subtle

Time to get extra chiseled.
Here's a fact: nose contouring does not exist to merely change the look of your nose. Rather, it's also meant to define the natural shadows of your nose. Have you noticed how your face somewhat looks less dimensional after applying foundation? That's because

7 Style and Beauty Tips for Flattering Your Face Shape

Show off that golden ratio.
The MAAT Golden Ratio Search is a beauty contest unlike any other. It's an Asia-wide search for ten of the most symmetrical faces in the continent, spanning Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Korea, the Philippines, and many more. They're basically looking for women with

LOTD: The Secret to Chie Filomeno's Signature Makeup Look

Flaunt those cheekbones.
Chie Filomeno's flawless Instagram selfies speak for themselves. The girl knows what look suits her best that she even has her own signature way of polishing her cheeks. Read on as we break down her makeup techniques for you:Step 1: BlushSince she

How to Contour Without Looking Like You Did

Harsh lines? Where?
Subtle contouring is the no-makeup look of sculpting. That's because it manages to define your bone structure while keeping the look natural—almost as if you didn't contour at all. And the best part? You don't need professional skills to do it on

We Can't Wait to Get Our Hands on Kim Kardashian's Contour Kit

Even makeup beginners would love it!
Kim Kardashian-West is kickstarting KKW Beauty with a cream contour and highlight kit, which makes perfect sense because she's basically the queen of cream sculpting. So if you've been wanting to cop her chiseled cheekbones for the longest time, now's your chance!The