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These Are Nadine Lustre's Favorite Beauty Treatments

She does more than your average facial.
These Are Nadine Lustre's Favorite Beauty Treatments
She does more than your average facial.

There's so much more you can ask from your derm aside from an average facial. When your skin needs some extra love, like when you want a little lift, for example, you might want to check everything else on the treatment menu. If you're not sure, maybe Nadine Lustre can help you choose. The actress swears by several skin treatments from The Aivee Clinic, which are perfect for achieving a smoother, more lifted complexion. Check out her faves below! 

Nadine Lustre's Favorite Skin Treatments

1. Beverly Hills Lift

Nadine loves tightening treatments. In fact, she has four favorites—one of which is the Beverly Hills Life, which uses radio frequency to target areas in the skin that are prone to sagging.

2. Protégé

This treatment can be done on the face, body, and eyes. It employs dual energy to stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin. Nadine has recently began using it on her eye area to prevent droopy eyelids!


3. Thermage

Nadine's number one pick for tightening is Thermage, a once-a-year treatment which helps make lines and wrinkles less visible while also promoting collagen and elastin production.

4. Ultherapy

You've all probably already heard about how Ultherapy can make your face and neck area look more contoured overtime. No wonder Nadine swears by it, too!

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5. Star Bright

To even out her skin tone, the actress uses the Star Bright Laser. It can be used to remove tattoos, too!

6. Aivee Laser Hair Removal

Nadine shares that the hair on her legs used to grow thick because of shaving, but thanks to laser hair removal, she no longer has to deal with the stubborn hair growth!

Watch her rave about her go-to treatments below!


*For more information about the treatments mentioned, visit The Aivee Clinic's official website.

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