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The Aivee Clinic's Most Popular Treatments and How Much They Cost

Everything you need to know, from the benefits to the prices.
The Aivee Clinic has fast become a well-known brand in the field of aesthetic care. Their long list of celebrity clients regularly share about how the clinic’s services have helped them achieve their personal beauty goals. From perfecting one’s complexion to sculpting

10 Best Clinics to Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Manila

Ready to quit shaving?
Shaving, plucking, and waxing your body hair all have one thing in common—their results are all temporary. You'd have to keep doing them to stay hair-free, and although effective, they usually come with unpleasant results like uneven skin texture and tone. Fortunately

These Are Nadine Lustre's Favorite Beauty Treatments

She does more than your average facial.
There's so much more you can ask from your derm aside from an average facial. When your skin needs some extra love, like when you want a little lift, for example, you might want to check everything else on the treatment menu.

How to Make Your Pores Appear Smaller without Makeup

For that makeup-free glow!
Here’s one important thing to know about large pores: You can’t shrink them but you can definitely minimize them.But before you reach for a primer or a foundation, know that there are many other ways you can blur out those pores—and it all

5 Beauty Treatments to Invest in Before Your Wedding

For a glowing bridal look!
There's no better time than the months leading up to your wedding to gift yourself with a beauty treatment. Not only will it give your makeup artist a glowing base to work with, but it also affords you those much-needed hours to enjoy quality time alone. Below, we break

5 Easy Ways to Exfoliate Your Underarms

Scrubs aren't your only option!
Exfoliation is key to achieving smoother and more even-toned skin on both your face and body. The same applies for your underarms, so if you're not already exfoliating that area, now is the time to start. Below, we list some of the

Kryz Uy Reveals Her Best and Worst Beauty Investments

Watch this first before making any imprudent beauty decisions!
In her latest YouTube upload, blogger Kryz Uy sat down with her sister Jack and discussed the most noteworthy self-care treatments to invest in. Recalling the best and worst beauty decisions they've made as young adults 'til now, the sisters shared their personal

How to Achieve Your Best Skin Ever for Your Upcoming Beach Trip

Count down to your departure day with some proper pampering.
Admit it, pre-trip rituals of any sort are almost always crammed down to the last call of every spa, salon, or supermarket you'll need things from. While we can't stop you from procrastinating, we can help you get your affairs in order,

How to Treat Every Type of Acne Scar, According to a Dermatologist

Derm-approved treatments for those post-breakout marks.
To banish all reminders of your last breakout, the trick is to find out what you're dealing with exactly. Acne scars come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and zapping them correctly requires a lot of help from a pro. So, we

This Facial and Laser Combo Gave Me Brighter Skin

Get glowing!
What: Intensive Soft Mask Treatment, P2200; Ivory White Laser (Whole Face), P4000; both Clara International Skin and Body CentreThe Intensive Soft Mask Treatment is a relaxing facial that leaves you glowing with the help of a combination of two leave-on masks. The

Dr. Vicki Belo's Advice for Getting Rid of Scars on Your Legs

To laser or not to laser?
Whether you have sensitive skin or you just always end up randomly bumping into furniture (ouch), you've probably developed a few battle scars on your legs along the way. Thankfully, you don't have to carry them all throughout bikini season, because Dr.

Here's Everything You Need to Know Before Getting a Laser Treatment

We break down some of the most popular anti-aging procedures for you.
It’s never easy to choose which anti-aging procedure to try especially when practically every non-invasive treatment promises the same results: plumper, younger, smoother, spot-free skin. The key is to understand how these results are delivered through the various machines and specific techniques

3 Laser Treatments You Should Try

Take it to your face!
Laser treatments are a gift from science. They can give you clear skin and can even help you shed the extra pounds. Here we break down three laser treatments every 20-something ought to invest in.For HairImagine never having to endure the pains

Wink Can Zap All Your Skin Woes Away

Yup, with a laser. How 21st century is that?
Before you freak out at the idea of a laser touching your face, hear me out. With Wink’s Revlite laser, they can zap pores, make pimples heal faster, lighten acne scars, reduce wrinkles, and smoothen skin texture. How’s that for well-rounded? Oh, and the

Kim Kardashian Gets Laser Treatment On Her Breasts And It's Documented!

Kim Kardashian Gets Laser Treatment on Her Breasts and It's Documented!
Kim Kardashian takes reality TV to another level—she allowed cameras to document herself undergoing a laser treatment for her breasts, legs, and toes to eradicate stretch marks. Her visit with the doctor was aired last weekend on her reality show, Keeping Up With

Flawless Laser Hair Removal

Part 2: Laser Hair Removal
Being a girl calls for hard work especially when you're about to go on a beach trip. Aside from undergoing calorie-busting workouts and salt-free diets, we actually set aside a special day for hair removal. Unsightly hair is clearly a faux pas

Beauty Lab: Laser Treatments

We see if The Skin, Inc.’s state-of-the-art laser technologies truly help stressed-out complexions.
“I have editor skin,” is all I need to tell Dr. Windie Hayano, M.D., Managing Director of The Skin, Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center in Magallanes, a.k.a. the place I’ve come to reclaim my pre-pullout complexion, and she knows what I mean.

Beauty Lab: Diode Hair Reduction

Saying goodbye to unwanted underarm hair using the newest laser technology.
Let's face it, hairless underarms are the dream. Never having to strategically plan on when not to wear sleeveless tops in between waxes or never having to make that embarrassing run to the drugstore to buy a razor on forgetful days are