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10 Mid-Length Hairstyle Ideas for When You're Bored With Your Look

Need an update?
10 Mid-Length Hairstyle Ideas for When You're Bored With Your Look
IMAGE Instagram/bel_pipsqueekinsaigon
Need an update?

Going super short is the obvious option when you want to change your look. It works every time, not to mention there are a ton of flattering haircuts to choose from! In case you aren't ready for such a dramatic change though, you can always go for a mid-length hairstyle, which can range from shoulder-length cuts to locks that reach the middle of your chest. Like a lob, for example!

Need ideas? Here are 10 mid-length hairstyles that can update your look:

1. Supermodel lob

It's no secret that a shoulder-grazing cut in a uniform length is every model's go-to if they don't have long hair. You can try almost all the looks in this list if you have this look, but we think the classic '90s supermodel inward flip is the easiest and most important one to master.

lob hairstyle inward flip
PHOTO BY Instagram/jhair_stylist

2. Face-framing layers

Layers on mid-length hair deserves more credit for its sheer effortlessness. It captures that cool, beach babe aesthetic perfectly, especially if you pair it with textured waves that only double its innate oomph. And if you have flat or thin hair, that's a combo you definitely shouldn't miss out on.

mid-length layered hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/bel_pipsqueekinsaigon
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3. Wolf cut

The "wolf cut" is the shag-mullet hybrid that's been all over Tiktok. While the cut is chic enough on its own, wait until you give it that textured, glossy look that's popular in Japan. The trick? Curl or blow-dry your ends in different directions (like the photo below) and massage your strands with wax to give that piece-y look.

wolf cut hair 

PHOTO BY Instagram/hikari

4. Mini braids

Not much of a whiz with the iron? Here's a look you can pull off with a basic set of skills. First, do your go-to method for adding some extra texture, be it through adding loose waves or a scrunching your strands after a thorough spritz of sea salt or texturizing spray. After that, simply part your in the middle and use the front sections to create some tiny, quirky braids.

braids for mid length hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/laurapolko

5. Barbie ponytail

If you want to cheat long hair for a special event, this sleek, Barbie-esque style is one you can try. Doing the high ponytail is easy enough (use a brush for a cleaner look), but after that, go ahead and wrap some hair extensions or a ponytail wig around the elastic. Lastly, for a seamless finish, use a ribbon or a big scrunchie to cover the clips and make it look like the extensions are actually your real locks.

high ponytail for mid-length hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/jenatkinhair

6. Low bun with claw clip

For a low-key, lazy day look, you can't beat a claw clip moment. It's quick, easy, not to mention a godsend for hot weather! A low twist is perfect for shoulder- and chest-length hair—just keep it tight and secure further with bobby pins so it won't unravel when you move. Finish off by loosening some sections on your roots and pulling some loose strands at the front to frame your face!

bun hairstyle for mid-length hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/the_minimal_hair

7. Butterfly clips

The '90s made butterfly clips a thing, and we don't think this adorable accessory has lost its charm. You can be conservative with it and don two, or, you can go ahead and make an entire butterfly garden on your strands because why not go all out, right?

butterfly clip hairstyle idea
PHOTO BY Instagram/smallgirlbigblog

8. Zigzag partition

Parting your hair differently can change your entire look. But in case you aren't up for that, giving your partition a cool twist should do the trick. Instead of a straight line, use a rat tail combo to create a zigzag pattern on your roots. Flaunt it better by flattening the area with the same comb before setting it with hairspray.

zigzag roots hair partition
PHOTO BY Instagram/laurapolko

9. Face-framing curls

A face-framing trim can do wonders for curly hair. Ask your stylist to add a bit of a fringe, some layers to flatter your jawline—and more pro tricks that'll suit your mug. This will not only make your locks more manageable, it makes them much easier to style, especially if you go with a cut that barely goes beyond your shoulders. 

face-framing haircut for curly hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/tondreannaesquilin

10. Wavy updo

Haircuts with layers are any updo hairstyle's best partner. For example, it help you try out short hair by just tying up the longest strands and leaving the shortest sections free. To give your new 'do some fluff, add some waves with a small curling barrel!

wavy updo for mid-length hair
PHOTO BY Instagram/bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

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