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10 Flattering Short Haircuts Perfect for Round Faces

Want a hair makeover but not sure which one is right for you?
10 Flattering Short Haircuts Perfect for Round Faces
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Want a hair makeover but not sure which one is right for you?

A short do is something you need to try at least once in your life! It may seem intimidating to chop those locks especially if you are used to long tresses but getting a sizable haircut can feel liberating and usher in a fresh new start. Case in point: we all know at least one friend who got a dramatic hair makeover right after a turning point in their life. On the flip side, getting a short haircut can also simply be a fun new thing to try especially because of its versatility. Anyone can rock a chopped do no matter their personal style or taste—it is stylish, expressive, and maintainable!

But before you run into the salon with a hairstyle peg, first you need to know if that haircut will compliment your features right from the get-go. Take into account your lifestyle, hair type, personal preferences and, ultimately, your face shape! Luckily, if you’ve got a round face, we rounded up some flattering short haircuts for your next salon visit.

10 of the Best Short Haircuts for Round Face Girls

Wavy Side Part Chin Length Bob

Letting your hair fall until the chin is a great way to frame your face! While styling it with waves adds volume, the side part breaks a round face’s symmetry and elongates your neck

Pixie Cut with Micro Bangs

Fresh, airy, and empowering, the pixie cut was a revolutionary style for women! Pixie cuts actually started in the early 20th century as a way to break feminine stereotypes. Compared to a regular pixie cut, this style sports longer slighter longer bangs to frame your face a little better.

Layered Side Swept Fringe Pixie Cut

You might be thinking that getting a pixie cut accentuates your cheeks even more but it’s actually very slimming. Sweep your bangs to the side to cut across your face beautifully. This type of fringe definitely helps balance your facial features, too! This certain style can go edgy or feminine depending on your taste.


Layered Shoulder Length Lob

This haircut gives a more laid back and effortless vibe. Women whose lifestyles shift pretty quickly will appreciate the lob’s versatility — it is classy and fun at the same time! Some hair experts favor this cut especially for round faces. Adding a wavy texture softens the cheek area and lengthens the face while a middle part accentuates the eyes, nose, and lips!

Side Part Asymmetrical Bob

Dare to stand out with an asymmetrical bob! It is modern and mature, and will definitely make your cheekbones pop! The different hair lengths frame the face nicely for a narrow effect. At the same time, the asymmetry extends the face vertically, balancing out your face’s natural fullness! Surely, heads will turn when they see you sporting this style.

Shaggy Shoulder Length Bob

Volume is your best friend and a shaggy cut does that and more! Since it’s all about covering up your full cheeks and round jaw, this style let’s you play with texture and is a dynamic alternative to the typical one-length bob. Shag haircuts achieve the chic I woke up like this look that people on Instagram are obsessed with! Needless to say this haircut is versatile: you can have it with or without side bangs. All you need to do is tuck a few strands behind your ear to reveal a bit of your jawline

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Straight A-Line Bob

Simple, sleek, and classy are three words to describe a straight a-line bob! The cut is characterized by a shorter length that sits right above or by your nape and gradually becomes longer towards your clavicle. The stands surrounding the chin help lengthen your face a little and frames it quite nicely. Although this contradicts all the wavy options in the list, keeping it straight achieves a slimmer look!

One-sided Undercut

For ladies who want an eye catching do, express yourself with a side undercut! The shaved side is a strong statement that diverts attention from your soft angles. The one sided undercut trims the face even more by making the overall haircut uneven! This is a great option for girls who want to experiment with this type of crop without committing to a full undercut (which is great for round faces too!).

Side-Part Layered Lob

If you prefer a less flashy makeover that is sophisticated but playful, go for a deeply parted layered lob. Any type of layer will do whether shaggy or subtle! Remember, the two key components to achieve a flattering short haircut for round faces is volume and asymmetry. The extreme side part elongates your face (since your chin isn’t prominent), thus offsetting the proportioned width and height of your features. Tip: tease your tresses for a more voluminous effect.


Layered Mullet with Curtain Bangs

Want an edgy and modern cut? Perfect for emphasizing the eyes, curtain bangs are an easy way to slim down your face. Pairing this fringe with a cool mullet instantly turns your look into a runway-ready style! Choppy cuts are great for those who have fine hair strands or thinning hair since it adds volume, too! Even on a limp hair day, the texture still stands out. If you’re feeling adventurous you can even curl it and style it with hair wax or spray for that undone 70s style rock star ‘do.

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