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Here's How to Achieve This Supermodel-Inspired Bob Haircut

Check out that chic flip!
Here's How to Achieve This Supermodel-Inspired Bob Haircut
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Check out that chic flip!

The '90s bob is making a major comeback, and if you already have the chopped strands to cop it, then you've come to the right place for further instructions!

First, we think a quick history lesson on what it actually looks like is in order! This inward flipped bob (or lob) is the signature look of supermodel Christy Turlington, who sported the look in the '90s. Remember that "glass hair" trend from last year? Well, Christy and her fellow super Naomi Campbell were already wearing it 20 years ago—and here's proof:


Kim Kardashian also wore the same hairstyle in a cover for the Wall Street Journal, and many local celebrities followed suit!

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That said, the best thing about this look is that it's simple enough to do even if you don't have a hairstylist on call. Below, beauty vlogger Sarah Cheung demonstrates how to cop this chic hairstyle using only a few products—a flat iron being the most essential. Click play on the video below to learn her tricks!

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