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How Korean Skincare Helped Clear This Model's Bumpy Skin

You have to see her before and after photos!
How Korean Skincare Helped Clear This Model's Bumpy Skin
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/marizzadelgado
You have to see her before and after photos!

We've seen countless of testimonials on how a Korean skincare routine results in luminous skin. At this point, we have zero doubts that their famous 10-step routine can really boost the skin's hydration level. But how effective is it for banishing other skin concerns—say, acne, for example? Well, according to Soko Glam's interview with New York-based model Marizza Delgado, it ticks that box, too.


In the article, Marizza shares that she suffered from severe comedonal acne in high school. "To some people, it didn’t look like I had acne because comedonal acne can be flesh-toned, but it definitely felt like it. Every inch of my face was covered with tiny, skin-colored bumps," says the model.

She adds that it took a toll on her self-confidence, making her turn to makeup and even Facetune, a photo-editing app, to conceal the bumps. But when a modeling agency in New York showed interest in signing her, Marizza knew she had to do something. "My skin had to be perfect before I went there," she thought.

After much online research, she created her own K-beauty skincare routine. She began to double cleanse, which she felt made such a difference in her skin. "I love to double cleanse because of [how] clean my skin feels right after having a full face of makeup...I also felt that the products I use after double cleansing [are absorbed by] my skin so much better," Marizza explains.

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IMAGE Banila Co, Ulta

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Marizza also swears by snail mucin or snail secretion filtrate, a common ingredient in Korean skincare. Explaining why she loves it, the model says, "Snail mucin gives you a healthy glow by repairing anything from acne, hyperpigmentation [caused by] acne scars, to dry patches. When beginners ask me how they should go about starting their Korean skincare routine, I always recommend the Cosrx Snail Mucin Essence first."


IMAGE Ulta, K-Beauty Cafe

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Snail mucus is popular in Korea mainly because it does almost everything. It's known for improving skin elasticity and vitality, since its original purpose in snails include protecting the mollusks from bacteria and UV damage. Products with a high concentration of snail mucin can be incredibly hydrating as well, making it the perfect ingredient to look for if you're after an ideal K-beauty routine.


On top of cleansing and snail mucus, Marizza's now-clear skin is also thanks to regular trips to her dermatologist. She was prescribed an adapalene and benzoyl peroxide treatment called Epiduo Forte and was told to get facials once a month.

"The benzoyl peroxide cleared my skin, but the snail mucin in Korean skincare brought my skin to a whole new level," the model raves. "It has definitely improved my skin texture by protecting my skin barrier from dry patches, since I use an acne topical cream with benzoyl peroxide that can dry out my skin. Incorporating snail mucin with the double cleanse overall made my skin smoother!"


After approximately seven months, her skin has already showed massive improvement. See the before and after photo she shared with Soko Glam below:

IMAGE Soko Glam

To maintain steady progress with her skin, Marizza sticks to a healthy lifestyle and skips makeup whenever she isn't working. Noted!

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