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10 Best Clay Masks to Try for Acne and Clogged Pores

Slather these on for clearer skin, stat!
Truth is, no one's skin is exempted from having breakouts. It's absolutely normal, and there's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it is a common skin condition that occurs when your pores are blocked by oil, bacteria, or dirt. There are

The Best Facial Treatments to Try for Acne and Acne Scars

Go get the skin of your dreams!
If you have acne-prone skin and skincare products aren't helping much anymore, it’s time for an upgrade. Facials, LED therapy, and lasers can be done to minimize those annoying blemishes you get—be it hormonal, adult acne, or maskne.Luckily, we have a wide

5 Celebrities Who Have Gotten Real About Their Struggles With Acne

Even Kyline Alcantara, Frankie Pangilinan, and many others have had their fair share of skin problems.
Acne is nothing new for many of us. It's been a recurring thing since our teenage years, and it's something that can persist even until we enter adulthood. And while it's not something we should be ashamed of, acne has been a constant

What Are Pore Vacuums and Do They Really Work?

Should you be vacuuming your pores? Here's what a dermatologist thinks.
We've all seen beauty tools go viral every now and again, and one that recently went trending on TikTok is quite the intriguing one: Pore vacuums. As the name suggests, this DIY facial tool uses a suction mechanism to remove impurities from

5 Skincare Ingredients You Should Know If You're Acne-Prone

Plus, products available in the market that contain them.
Acne has long been a skin problem commonly experienced by teenagers and even adults. To keep it simple, acne is what happens when oil or dead skin cells become clogged in our pores. It's perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed of,

This Makeup Hack Is the Secret to Wearing Less Concealer

And here's how to master it!
Whether it is from the sleepless nights, the unpredictable weather, or plain genetics, at one point we all go through having skin discolorations that concealer or foundation can't cover—or they can, but only in hefty amounts. This is why it's important to

The Best Anti-Acne Products to Try, According to Dermatologists

No prescription needed!
Going to the dermatologist is the best way to find the most effective acne treatment for you. But with COVID-19 restrictions and high consultation fees, not all of us have the privilege of setting a dermatologist appointment to seek skincare advice for

10 Best Toners for Acne-Prone Skin That Actually Work

Give your breakout-prone skin some TLC, stat!
Do you remember when everyone used to dry out their pimples with those harsh astringent toners? We're so glad those days are behind us! If there's anything valuable we learned from the glass skin trend, it's that the best anti-acne toners control

These Non-Drying Cleansers for Acne-Prone Skin Are All Under P500

Switch to a gentle cleanser while zapping those zits!
Cleansing is basically the foundation of any skincare routine. It can ward off acne-causing dirt, debris, and excess oil, and it can also help manage and prevent breakouts. The only downside is a lot of formulas targeted for acne-prone skin tend to be

The Influencer-Approved Nighttime Korean Skincare Routine For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Dealing with maskne and blemishes? Then try this skincare influencer's 7-step Korean skincare routine!
The rise of "maskne" has definitely made more influencers and celebrities normalize pimples, the appearance of pores, and blemishes in general. True enough, glass skin isn't as easily achievable as your favorite Korean pop stars and actresses make it seem. Getting and

These Products Can Cover Your Acne without Looking Cakey

Still waiting for those maskne marks to fade?
Maskne has practically become an inevitable thing during this new normal. There are ways to prevent it, sure, but those who wear masks out daily know that regardless of your skincare routine, it just happens.Luckily, zits are just zits—they'll soon heal and

These Pimple-Healing Bandages Are Going Viral on Tiktok

They're the supersized pimple patches you need to try, stat!
Pimple patches are a godsend for anyone who's looking for a quick blemish fix. In just one night, these spot-covering stickers soothe and flatten active acne while it protects it from external irritants such as dust and dirt. It really is one of

7 Skincare Products That Will Help Prevent and Treat Maskne

Edit your skincare routine for the new normal!
Not everyone has been lucky enough to enjoy good skin in this pandemic. Many of us are going through "maskne," or mask-induced acne. Unlike regular acne, maskne is formed through the constant heat, pressure, and friction from wearing a mask. Our faces