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These Were the Most-Sold Skincare in K-Beauty Store Olive Young for 2021

One product has been their #1 serum for nine years!
A trip to Korea wouldn't be complete without a visit to the country's biggest health and beauty store, Olive Young. It's skincare and makeup paradise, with walls lined with countless K-beauty gems and world-famous staples. Irresistable deals and discounts are everywhere, too, so

Bela Padilla Simplified Her Glass Skin Routine to Just 2 Products

She also started a beauty brand while she was at it.
Actress, producer, writer, and all around cool girl Bela Padilla has always worn many hats. But now she has officially put on the hat of beauty business owner, too, with her new skincare brand Britory.TOP STORY: Why Are We Still Talking About Angel

Ahn Hyo Seop of "Dr. Romantic 2" Is the Newest Endorser of Innisfree

The actor is the face of one of the K-beauty brand's best-selling products.
Korean cosmetic brands are known for getting swoon-worthy actors and K-pop idols as endorsers. So it’s not surprising that Innisfree has tapped Dr. Romantic 2 and Abyss star Ahn Hyo Seop to be the face of one of their cult favorite products: the Super

A Beginner's Guide to the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Don't know where to start? Let us break it down for you.
Korean celebrities are known for their immaculate skin—a feature that's been well-attributed to having an intensive skin regimen. Some even go as far as having a 10-step skincare routine, sometimes longer, all in the name of achieving a clear, luminous, and blemish-free complexion.While having that many steps may

10 COSRX Products You Need to Hoard from Watsons Now

Shop away!
Good news, K-beauty junkies! You may now shop COSRX's cult-favorite skincare products at Watsons. Before everything gets sold out, here are the top picks you should hoard ASAP. Find out what they are below and why they're worth it!1. AHA Whitehead Power Liquid (P850)COSRX's

How Korean Skincare Helped Clear This Model's Bumpy Skin

You have to see her before and after photos!
We've seen countless of testimonials on how a Korean skincare routine results in luminous skin. At this point, we have zero doubts that their famous 10-step routine can really boost the skin's hydration level. But how effective is it for banishing other

This K-Pop Star's Cleansing Routine Is Her Secret to Clear Skin

Twice's Nayeon takes off her makeup like nobody's business.
It's rare for K-pop stars to appear on camera without makeup, let alone remove it all for the world to see, but two members from the Korean girl group Twice dared to break the norm by revealing their post-concert skin care routines during a live

Best of Beauty 2017: Top 10 K-Beauty Toners

All toned and ready for that 10-step routine.
Thanks to the innovative formulas in K-beauty, toners are no longer a negligible step in most of our routines. Gone are the days when toners were full of alcohol and did nothing but dry our skin out. Now, toners improve how the

This Korean Girl Revealed How She Got Clear "Glassy" Skin

You won't believe how simple it is.
A beauty junkie's skin care routine is going viral on Instagram, and it's not because she has 10 steps. Ellie Choi sticks to a simple regimen that even a K-beauty noob can follow, but the result is the same: clear, luminous skin. We

Here’s How the Korean Skin Care Routine Really Works

K-beauty is not as complicated as you think!
We get it. The “10-step skin care routine” sounds ridiculously time-consuming. And while we agree that it has an intimidating ring to it, you have to really think about why Koreans are notorious for their beauty regime. They do it because it