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What Is Madecassoside And Why Is It Good for Tired, Scarred Skin?

We tried it and liked the results!
What Is Madecassoside And Why Is It Good for Tired, Scarred Skin?
We tried it and liked the results!

By now, you probably already know about skin boosters like retinol, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, but madecassoside may be something you aren't familiar with yet, even if it's been around for quite some time. If you feel that you're skin needs urgent recuperation (and this goes double if you're always tired and stressed), then this ingredient may just be for you.

What is madecassoside?

Madecassoside comes from Centella asiatica, a plant that has long been known to have healing propertiesand its effectivity has been proven by science, as a study featured on the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information notes that madecassoside is "responsible for wound healing," and is one of three principal components that makes Centella asiatica great for treating "infected wounds, as well as burns and postoperative hypertrophic scars."

How can madecassoside help your skin?

Do you have scratches? Pimple marks? Inflammations? Madecassoside is the way to go. According to The Klog, it even works with inflammed eczema. The magic of madecassoside is that it can calm almost everything down, all the while helping rebuild and protect your skin. It's gentle, quite hydrating, and can even help prevent hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays.


I tried A'pieu's Madecassoside Cleansing Foam and Ampoule, and this is what happened:

A'pieu, a Korean beauty brand which has a great line of madecassoside products, recently opened its flagship store in Megamall, and I got to try two of their skin-loving offerings:

A'pieu Madecassoside Cleansing Foam

Instant bright, chok-chok skin? You've got it. A'pieu's Madecassoside Cleansing Foam is light and gentle on your skin, plus it's pretty easy to wash off and doesn't leave a slippery film. As with your usual Korean facial wash, a pea-sized amount can go a long way!

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While you may initially think that this cleansing foam is similar to most you've already used, I realized after using it for a few days that it acts as a supplement to the much stronger ampoule: the effects stack.

A'PIEU Madecassoside Cleansing Foam, P550, SM Megamall

A'pieu Madecassoside Ampoule

I'd say that this is the star of the show. Don't be fooled by its initially thick consistency: it's light, and easily absorbed by your skin. The improvement to my complexion was almost immediate, as it felt soft and cool to the touch, and quite hydrated without feel sticky or oily.


In the week that I've used it, I also noticed improvements in the redness around my nose which I got from an irritation; it appeared lighter and less prominent than before. Even bumps and rough spots disappeared, and it was so gentle there was no hapdi or any other adverse effects. The hydration also lasted for the whole day (even under makeup and in an air conditioned room), and as a plus, it even seemed to keep my t-zone oil-free!

A'PIEU Madecassoside Ampoule, P1250, SM Megamall


Should you try madecassoside products?

Madecassoside is great if you're worrying about discoloration, scars, or minor wounds and inflammed areas. It can even help retain moisture and lighten fine lines overtime, which makes it a great addition to your skincare routine. Do note, however, that it isn't a magic bullet that can immediately solve all your skincare problems. If you have a really bad case of acne or rashes due to allergies, it's always best to speak with your derma, and as always, test the product you'll be using on a small patch of skin first before applying it to your entire face.

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