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These Local Beauty Products Are Perfect for Acne-Prone Skin

These Local Beauty Products Are Perfect for Acne-Prone Skin
IMAGE Human Nature, Happy Skin, Beach Born
Bye, breakouts!

Breakout-prone skin? Our homegrown beauty brands have your back! Boasting of only local products, check out the anti-acne regimen we prepped below.

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Makeup Remover

Wash away the first layer of dirt, makeup, and grime with an emulsifying oil or balm. One that dissolves easily in water is great, since it makes sure that no excess oil will stay and clog your pores.

IMAGE VMV Hypoallergenics

VMV Hypoallergenics Gentle & Softening Makeup Removing Oil, P1045, Powerplant Mall


A gentle, soap-free cleanser works best for acne-prone skin since it doesn't strip off your natural oils and make you even oilier.


IMAGE Beach Born

Beach Born Witch Hazel Wash, P228, Beach Born


Dead skin buildup is a huge contributor to breakouts, so exfoliation is a must for this skin type. Use a detoxifying mask at least once a week or an exfoliating acid (preferably BHA) to get your weekly dose! Try to avoid abrasive scrubs since they might irritate existing breakouts and tear at your skin.

IMAGE Beautymnl

V&M Naturals Mad About Mud Mask, P435, V&M Naturals


As acne-prone girls, it's totally normal to be paranoid about having excess product on your skin after cleansing. Good thing you have toners to deal with that for you!

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IMAGE Pure Skin Rituals

Pure Skin Rituals Spring Clean Toner, P250, Pure Skin Rituals


Serums should focus on healing your skin from the inside. Pick one that helps with hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dullness, or anything else that'll improve your skin's appearance. Leave the acne-prevention to your other skin care steps.

IMAGE Beautymnl

Skinlab Naturals Rosehipnotizing Elixir, P220, Beautymnl


Acne-prone skin isn't always oily. You can be acne-prone and dry, too! That's why you should moisturize with a product that gives you enough hydration. The only rule is that your skin should absorb it well, since leaving an oily film on the surface can clog your pores and—you guessed it—break you out.


IMAGE Beautymnl

Skin Genie Aloe Vera Gel, P250, Beautymnl

Spot treatment

Different anti-acne ingredients work for different people, so experiment and find which suits you. For starters, choose among tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, and salicylic acid!

IMAGE Human Nature

Human Nature Tea Tree Oil, P295, Beauty Bar


Sun protection becomes extra important if you're breakout-prone. Not only does it stop your scars from darkening, it can hinder inflammation caused by too much exposure.

IMAGE Happy Skin

Happy Skin Brightening UV Gel Cream SPF40 PA+++, P999, Powerplant Mall

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