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Here's How Sunblock Can Help You With Your Acne Problems

No way?!
Here's How Sunblock Can Help You With Your Acne Problems
No way?!

Slathering on the right sunscreen for your oily, zit-prone skin can do wonders (and is 101% necessary, by the way), but does sunblock actually cure acne? After trawling Google for answers, we decided that it would be best to ask the professionalshere, Dr. Windie Villarica of The Skin Inc. Dermatology and Laser Center weighs in!

Is it true that using sunscreen helps alleviate/stop acne?

"No. Sunscreen basically prevents UV light and even infrared from causing direct damage to our skin cells. It does not stop acne per se but you will need it during acne treatments because the medication and procedures that come with them will make you more sensitive to the sun!"

Does regular use of sunscreen lighten post-pimple marks?

"Post-pimple marks could be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and erythema. Sunscreen prevents these marks from reacting to the sun and the ensuing inflammatory process. The inflammation triggers melanin production, darkening the spots more! This is why you need sunscreen (and why it's an essential part of any whitening regimen)."


What is the ingredient in sunscreen that helps clear acne?

"Manufacturers and skin care brands can pretty much put every possible ingredient in their formulation of sunblocks. The important thing is the active ingredient."

How does NOT wearing sunscreen affect acne?

"Sunscreen prevents DNA damage of the skin. It also prevents stimulation of abnormal vasculature that leads to more unwanted pigmentation."

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