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6 Local Online Stores That Sell The Prettiest Handmade Clay Earrings

Looking for some unique statement earrings? Then you better shop this list!
If you’re the type to distress through retail therapy, then it’s safe to say that this quarantine period has awoken the online shopper in you (if you weren’t one prior to the lockdown). I for one, am heavy on shopping to uplift

6 Local Online Stores That Sell Minimalist Necklaces for Layering

Love delicate jewelry? Then shop these Filipino brands!
Dainty gold-chain necklaces are undeniably timeless. Worn alone, they’re delicate and sophisticated, but when layered, they give off a more youthful and trendy vibe that can amplify any outfit. So it comes as no surprise that there are a number of local

This Local Premium Leather Shoe Brand Is Surprisingly Affordable

Filipino-made Balthazar shoes boast topnotch quality at surprisingly low prices.
Leather shoes seem to be divided into two classes these days: top-quality leather shoes that are also quite expensive and affordable leather shoes that are easily damaged after a few months. Why can't there be something in between? That's exactly what Altina

You'll Love These Local Shoe Brands If You're A Minimalist

Update your go-to no-fuss footwear!
There is so much to love about owning no-fuss minimalist shoes. For one, they go with almost everything in your closet, which makes each pair a worth-it buy. The good news is that minimalist sandals are a huge trend in 2019 (though they never really

These New York-Based Pinoys Are Putting the Spotlight on Filipino Brands

Get to know more about Sari-Sari General Store, an NYC-based collective that features proudly Pinoy brands.
Filipino brands, while promising and truly one-of-a-kind, often find it challenging to penetrate the international scene. The fashion world is already saturated with too many competing brands, so standing out is always harder than it seems. It is for the same reason

10 Local Social Enterprises in the Fashion Industry Worth Supporting

The Philippine fashion industry can serve as a platform to help underprivileged communities.
There’s more to fashion than the glitz and glamour. For some businesses, typically referred to as social enterprises, the local fashion industry can serve as a platform to help underprivileged communities by training and recruiting them to become regular employees, and providing

These Entrepreneurs Started a Shoe Business with Almost No Capital

Meet the makers of Marquina Shoemaker.
We live in an age where you can start a business on Instagram, sell clothes on apps like Carousell and Shopee, and even put your properties on sale on OLX. But these guys were different.Juancho del Rosario, Kayne Litonjua, and Patrick Kahn created Marquina Shoemaker, a

12 Filipino Beauty Brands You Need to Know Now

Add these to your must-try list!
It's time to update your beauty arsenals with some homegrown love, and we know just the right brands to quench your thirst for something local. Below, we round up 12 promising brands from the Philippines where you can snag some of the

This Brand Is Making a Case for the Humble Bayong

Do you have the latest Bayongciaga?
The bayong is no longer just confined to your trip to the wet market or for packing your pasalubong from a trip to your hometown province. This homegrown brand is shining the spotlight on this woven gem and just in time for

These Local Beauty Products Are Perfect for Acne-Prone Skin

Bye, breakouts!
Breakout-prone skin? Our homegrown beauty brands have your back! Boasting of only local products, check out the anti-acne regimen we prepped below.Makeup RemoverWash away the first layer of dirt, makeup, and grime with an emulsifying oil or balm. One that dissolves easily

These Local Beauty Products Are Perfect If You Have Dry Skin

Stay hydrated!
For the second part of our all-local beauty series, we're taking a look at dry skin-friendly picks. So if your skin is always begging for moisture, check out our curated skin care routine below for a solution!Step 1: Makeup RemoverAlthough micellar water

These Local Beauty Products Are Best for Oily-Skinned Filipinas

Inject some Pinoy pride into your skin care regimen!
Our eyes are always peeled for great beauty products from our very own homegrown brands, and this is especially true when it comes to skin care! Because who else would know Filipino skin better than Filipino brands, right?To prove just how far

Brooklyn Beckham Is the Newest Face of Bench

He's the latest addition to the brand's Global Benchsetters.
This is not a drill! Brooklyn Beckham a.k.a. Britain’s boy wonder has officially been named as Bench’s latest Global Benchsetter. In celebration of the local apparel brand’s 30th anniversary, its founder Ben Chan took to Instagram the great news.In the first photo

Local Brand Karimadon to Hold First Overseas Fashion Show in Vancouver

The homegrown brand is set to unveil their Fall/Winter collection.
KARIMADON, the Filipina's go-to RTW brand for elegant formalwear, is taking a journey west. The homegrown brand will be showing their Fall/Winter 2017 collection at Vancouver Fashion Week!To know more about this fantastic opportunity, Preview had a quick chat with KARIMADON's President Josie

See the New Brands Coming to Soma Stores!

Check out this one-stop destination for local designer goods.
Some folks like to rove the malls to find the perfect outfit. All the more now since the string of holiday parties is fast approaching. (Don’t even try to deny you’re not mentally preparing your many Christmas outfits.) But today, we’re giving

These Witty Pouches from Halo + Halo Tho

You'll definitely want one.
Filipinos love a good laugh. And despite our generation’s short attention span, we find humor in the smallest of things whether it’s a conyo tweet, a #PaBebeGirl vid, or a pun-ny caption that helps us get that extra “like”. Wit is the

Start-up Profiles: S/s Supply Goods

Here's the bottom line about starting your own business.
26-year-old Aren Pe sounds like a pro when he talks about how he started his streetwear label, S/S Supply Goods. Is it just the air of a management graduate of the Ateneo (no shade here) or is it the confidence that comes from years of learning

Start-up Profiles: Creative Elite Operation

Hustle and you may just become Jake Cuenca's favorite new streetwear label.
The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. Perhaps every start-up wants to get famous and have celebrities wear their stuff (we’re looking at you, Jake Cuenca). But the only way they can do that is if they’re willing to