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10 Best Clinics to Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Manila

10 Best Clinics to Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Manila
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Ready to quit shaving?

Shaving, plucking, and waxing your body hair all have one thing in common—their results are all temporary. You'd have to keep doing them to stay hair-free, and although effective, they usually come with unpleasant results like uneven skin texture and tone. Fortunately for us, a more permanent solution exists.

Laser hair removal is one of those beauty procedures that definitely count as an investment. But unlike merely razoring off your strands, it actually offers long-term results that makes it more cost-efficient. That's because instead of merely pulling out or cutting off hair, laser hair removal "kills" the hair follicles on your body to stop hair from growing further. Although it won't completely get rid of everything in one session, you'll find that your body hair will begin growing thinner and slower overtime. It's much kinder to your skin, too, and won't cause bumps and dark spots. If anything, it's actually a great way to prevent them! And in case you're ready to take the plunge, we list some of your best options for laser hair removal in the city:


1. Belo Medical Group

Belo offers five kinds of laser hair removal, but the G-Max is the one to consider because it's generally more comfortable than most lasers—perfect for those with a low pain tolerance. As the laser kills your hair follicles, it sprays the skin with cryogen, which is a cooling mist that reduces the stinging feeling and lowers the risk of burns.

Price: Available upon request

For more information, visit Belo's website.

View all Belo branches here.

2. Facial Care Centre

Facial Care Centre's LaserLight Hair Removal uses a combination of "gold standard" 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology that makes the process as painless and as effective as possible. It permanently reduces the growth of body hair in areas such as the underarms, legs, and bikini area.

Price: Available upon request

For more information, visit Facial Care Centre's website.

View all Facial Care Centre branches here.

3. Glow Skin Clinic

The cool thing about Glow Skin Clinic's Goodbye & Hairwell Treatment is that aside from reducing hair growth overtime, the laser also improves the texture and tone of the underarms. That's why if you struggle with bumps and dark patches, it's definitely worth a shot.

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Price: P3500 (one session) to P23,000 (package of eight sessions)

For more information, visit Glow Skin Clinic's website.

Address: Uptown Place Mall, Bonifacio Global City

4. Wink Laser Studio

According to Wink, their Gentlemax Pro laser is the quickest and most fuss-free way to become hair-free. It can be done on your upper lip, legs, bikini area, and your underarms, eliminating ingrown hairs and reducing hair growth every session. For best results, it's recommended to have the treatment every six to eight weeks and six to 12 sessions.


Price: P1500-P8000/session

For more information, visit Wink Laser Studio's website.

View all Wink Laser Studio branches here.

5. The Aivee Clinic

Laser hair removal is a literal breeze at the Aivee Clinic. They use a cooling mechanism to ensure a pain-free procedure, making it a fast yet effective remedy for any kind of facial and body hair.


Price: Available upon request

For more information, visit The Aivee Clinic's website.

View all Aivee Clinic branches here.

6. SkinStation

SkinStation's Diode Laser Hair Removal is described as the gold standard for treating most Filipina skin tones. It employs technology that uses low energy and rapid pulsing lasers, resulting in a pain-free treatment. It's one of the more affordable options on this list, so it's worth considering if you're on a budget.

Price: P1500/session

For more information, visit SkinStation's website.

View all Skin Station branches here.

7. Luminisce

Once you decide to opt for a more permanent solution to body hair like laser hair removal, the side-effects of shaving, waxing, and plucking would eventually go away. Luminisce calls their laser hair treatment InstaSmooth for this reason, and this procedure employs a powerful laser that targets hair follicles right at the root to stunt growth.

Price: Available upon request


View all Luminisce branches here.

8. Kamiseta Skin

Facials aren't the only must-try at Kamiseta Skin. They offer the Gentlemax Pro Laser as well, which is considered the safest and most painless kind of laser for hair removal. It'll also treat leftover chicken skin and pigmentation at every session, so you no longer have to deal with them.

Price: Available upon request

For more information, visit Kamiseta Skin's website.

View all Kamiseta Skin branches here.

9. Flawless

At Flawless, they offer the Smart PL Laser Hair Removal, a procedure that targets hair follicles with a series of micro impulses of light energy. This helps slow down the growth of body hair and is a great investment if you're dealing with unwanted hair on your arms, legs, and underarms.

Price: Starts at P1750 (Lifetime packages are available)


For more information, visit Flawless' website.

View all Flawless branches here.

10. Cathy Valencia Skin Clinic

Cathy Valencia Skin Clinic is one frequented by celebrities like Cristine Reyes and Sunshine Cruz for some pampering. And as with most beauty clinics, they offer laser hair removal as well, specifically IPL (Intense Pulse Light), which gets rid of unwanted hair sans the uncomfortable sting.

Price: Available upon request

For more information, visit Cathy Valencia's website.

View all Cathy Valencia Skin Clinis branches here.

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