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6 Hair Removal Products If You Can't Book an Appointment

These will do for now!
Just like you, we miss going to our trusted waxing salon or laser hair removal clinic. Getting rid of unwanted hair is like a form of self-care. While we have to wait a little longer until these places resume operations, there are

10 Best Clinics to Get Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Manila

Ready to quit shaving?
Shaving, plucking, and waxing your body hair all have one thing in common—their results are all temporary. You'd have to keep doing them to stay hair-free, and although effective, they usually come with unpleasant results like uneven skin texture and tone. Fortunately

8 Celeb-Approved Treatments to Try for Perfect Underarms

From lasers to scrubs!
Constant shaving and plucking can eventually backfire on your underarms, causing darkness, thicker hair and uneven texture. Thankfully, you don't have to stick to that routine for long because we've got a few alternatives that'll give you the hair-free and even-toned pits

10 Beauty Splurges You Should Make In Your 20s

Treat yourself.
Our skin care and makeup collection speak for themselves: beauty comes at a (steep) cost. Because despite our love for affordable finds, investing in certain items can give you worthwhile results in the long-term. For example, splurging a little on skin care

Review: Daiso's Hair Removal Spring for Self-Threading

No more weekly waxing salon visits for me.
What:Daiso's Hair Removal SpringWhat it is: A spring designed especially for self-threading facial hairIMAGE Gab GutierrezDaiso Hair Removal Spring, P88, Glorietta 3Current condition:Quick backstory! I found this divinely affordable spring thing in a Daiso store tucked somewhere deep in a random Cavite mall, while taking a

DIY Hair Removal Treatments for Every Body Part

For when you just can't make it to your waxer.
Our beauty philosophy is simple: Leave the work to the professionals. However, there are times when a girl just had to do it on her own. While some girls are quite happy with squeezing in a quick shave while in traffic, it’s always

This Waxing Treatment Promises to Whiten Your Underarms

What’s new in hair removal?
To wax or not to wax?We try to avoid pain whenever we can. But when it comes to hair removal, letting out a loud “ouch!” can lead to promising results. But other than giving us smooth and hair-free skin, what else is

Kathryn Bernardo Is Bringing Sexy Back

Ooh, somebody’s bringing sexy back—quite literally. We stumbled upon Kathryn Bernardo’s bare back, one Instagram post after another and there’s something appropriately attractive about it. And though her ensembles are undoubtedly a major plus in our books, surely the Teen Queen knows

Diy Hair Removal Kits

Girls, do try this at home.
Summer is skin-baring season—no girl I know would dare to face the world wearing shorts with hairy legs. I don't think any girl would be pleased to be mistaken as a man based on their fuzzy pins! Counting the undesirable hairy situation

10 Places To Go Bare Down There

As beach season beckons, a bare bikini line is in order.
The summer sun brings a multitude of beachgoers decked out in the skimpiest of swimwear. And, yes, it’s true: Where there’s sun, there’s skin, and there’s nothing more awkward than spotting a wayward line of hair peeking out from your bikini seam.

#tiptuesday: Get A Closer Shave

Get your legs ready for bikini season with this nifty tidbit.
I’m all for quick fixes, which is why I think the razor is a God-sent. In just under three minutes, you go from hairy beast to the smoothest kid in town. So for this week’s edition of #TipTuesday, before you get started

Sugaring Vs. Waxing

What's the deal between these two hair-liberators? Read on!
Like an upbeat song to welcome summer, swimsuits become the prime choices for clothing, marking the beginning of sunny slowdowns (or smoking hot parties) by the beach. Being smooth and hair-free is an S.O.P., so many of us flock to waxing and

Wink Laser & Wax Studio

Be hair-free this summer!
With the incredibly scorching weather we have, beach trips and pool parties make this summer more bearable and enjoyable. So while you’re packing those sleeveless tops, Daisy Dukes, and hot bikinis, remember that an appointment with the waxing salon is in order.

Waxing 101

Depileve's Patricia Jurado sheds light on the ten most important things you need to know about getting a wax.
When it comes to waxing, Patricia Jurado knows her stuff. Born into the business, if you will, she comes from a family of aetheticians, with both her mother and sister working in the field. First learning the ropes of waxing at the

Beauty Lab: Diode Hair Reduction

Saying goodbye to unwanted underarm hair using the newest laser technology.
Let's face it, hairless underarms are the dream. Never having to strategically plan on when not to wear sleeveless tops in between waxes or never having to make that embarrassing run to the drugstore to buy a razor on forgetful days are