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We Finally Know the Secrets Behind Kim Tae Hee's Flawless Makeup

The "Hi Bye, Mama" star's makeup artist revealed them all.
We Finally Know the Secrets Behind Kim Tae Hee's Flawless Makeup
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The "Hi Bye, Mama" star's makeup artist revealed them all.

Kim Tae Hee is nothing short of a legend in Korea for her beauty. Apart from her genes though, she also has her makeup artist, Son Ju Hee, to thank. The two have been working together for 14 years, and Ju Hee is behind some of the actress' most popular beauty looks, including her wedding makeup! She even did Tae Hee's glam for the Netflix K-drama Hi Bye, Mama!—and finally, the MUA has revealed the secrets behind Cha Yu-Ri's effortless glow:

1. Use minimal base products and apply them in thin layers.

Ju Hee pays the closest attention to the actress' base makeup. Not only should it make Tae-Hee's skin look like a "glass bead" with how glowy it is, but it also shouldn't budge when she cries on-camera.

To summarize how she does it, the makeup artist says, "I never make it thick, I don't use a lot of products, and I apply thin layers evenly." She uses a small amount of a high-coverage foundation and dilutes it with oil before putting it on. She also avoids using too much skincare beforehand so the foundation doesn't rub off easily.


2. Don't overdo the mascara.

In Hi Bye, Mama!, Tae Hee rarely ever looks like she has any makeup on. That said, her lashes always look naturally flawless. Her makeup artist achieves this by using the "lash iron" technique, where she heats a wooden stick and uses it to curl the eyelashes. She then carefully applies a thin coat of mascara starting from the root, and then irons the hairs with the skewer after to get rid of the clumps.

3. Tone down your lip color before applying lipsticks.

If you have naturally pigmented lips like Kim Tae Hee, Ju Hee says that muting the outer edges with a thin layer of foundation will make any lip product you apply on top look more flattering. Her tip for a natural-looking gradient lip is easy, too: Apply the first layer of lipstick all over and blur the edges, and then apply the second layer and focus it on the center.

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4. Remember that less is more.

Tae Hee has always had a signature look, and that's because Ju-Hee is cautious about applying too much makeup and tries not to change her techniques when they aren't necessary. "Since she is extremely pretty, a slight makeup [change] can make her look way different," says the makeup artist. In short, less is really more when it comes to perfecting the actress' beauty looks.

 For more tips and tricks from Son Ju Hee, watch the video below!

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