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Kathryn Bernardo Does This Exact Treatment for a Full Body Detox

Kathryn Bernardo Does This Exact Treatment for a Full Body Detox
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/bernardokath
Definitely much better than a sauna.

With summer fast approaching, you're probably looking for other diet- and exercise-free methods that'll help you shed that extra holiday weight. Going to a sauna, for one, is worth adding to your list of options. Though it's not exactly the trendiest thing right now, it is guaranteed to give you a sweat sesh sans the heavy exercise. That said, we know saunas are definitely not for everyone—especially the public kind. Thankfully, there's an alternative, and you won't even have to go that far from the city for it!

We're talking about the Aivee Dome—a body treatment from The Aivee Clinic that uses infared therapy that'll help get your sweat glands going. It's basically a private sauna, except instead of sitting in a hot room, you'll be lying down in a dome-like machine that covers you from the neck down. Some of its perks include aiding weight loss, muscle recovery, and toxin elimination—in short, all the perks of a sauna but in a much cozier package.

Celebrities who love this treatment include Kathryn Bernardo, who gave it a rave review on her Instagram. "All the great reviews I've been hearing about [Aivee Dome] turned out to be true! If you love sweating like me, this treatment will be your new bff," the actress writes.


THE AIVEE CLINIC Aivee Dome, P8000/session, Vertis North & The A Institute

For more information about the Aivee Dome, contact +632 573 1420 or +639 17 728 3838.

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