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How to Wear Ultra Violet, According to Your Makeup Skill Level

How to wear 2018’s choice color in your #FOTDs.
How to Wear Ultra Violet, According to Your Makeup Skill Level
IMAGE Make Up For Ever, MAC, NARS
How to wear 2018’s choice color in your #FOTDs.

New year, new makeup stash! In the wake of the very universally flattering millennial pink, this year’s chosen Pantone hue is a very polarizing shade for beauty girls. Whether you’re panicking (how to actually wear this?!) or celebrating (yasss alien lipstick is life!), we’ve rounded up a list of our purple picks that we’ve aligned with your makeup skill level and how, when or where to wear it. As for the why, it’s not even a question.




MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Soft Frost, P2100, Power Plant

If your look is lowkey, try a subtle hint of the color with this highlighter that looks white in the pan, but breaks onto the skin purple. It’s for the skin-centric look. 

When/Where: Wear this when you’re going outit’ll look awesome in flash photography.

How: Use either a fluffy powder brush pinched to make it thinner or a fan brush. Make it a “wet” look by spritzing face mist onto your brush after you’ve dipped it into the product.


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NARS Larger Than Life Longwear Eyeliner in Bourbon Street, P2340, Central Square, BGC

We lined this up in the mid-range skill level, because let’s face it, eyeliner takes some skills. 

When/Where: Wear with a sorbet-colored ensemble for brunch. Sweet!

How: A lot of people forget this simple tricksharpen your pencils for that extra clean line.


IMAGE Fenty Beauty

FENTY BEAUTY Cosmic Gloss Lip Glitter, P1100, Sephora

Easy to apply, but harder to keep onthat’s the rep lipgloss has built in our humid country. We think Riri’s new item is worth it, though. Just remember to retouch when needed. 

When/Where: Honestly, we’d wear this for the ‘gram, or to somewhere cool, indoors and to an event where you won’t be eating a lot. 

How: A little lipliner goes a long way with lipgloss. Find one that closely matches your natural lipcolor and layer the gloss over it. 




NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Ultra Violet , P460, SM North Edsa

Not exactly a lipgloss, not a liquid lipstick either, but this NYX lipcolor has the best of both worlds. It’s super shiny, metallic, yet super pigmented, and in the best shades, toowe found the perfect one for you. 

Where/When: Pair with a simple casual ensemble and let your lips to the talking. 

How: Apply it close but don’t fill out your puckers flush to the edges. Since the product’s formula is pretty creamy and intensely pigmented, let it spread out on its own. 


IMAGE Make Up For Ever

Makeup For Ever Aqua XL Color Paint in M-90, P1450, SM Megamall

A tube of intense, precise cream eye makeup, this shade of Color Paint is the exact base and shade you need to fulfill your Ultraviolet dreams. It’s matte and just pure violet, no shimmer, no glitter, no gimmicks. This is for advanced makeup users only because once the product has set, It. Does. Not. Budge. Feel free to experiment at home, though, but with an efficient makeup wipe on hand. 

Where/When: When you need your makeup to look good for a loooong time. 

How: The best tool to apply this with is your fingers. Try the “halo” or smudged out shadow effect, but move fast because, as mentioned, this sets quickly. Looks best worn with long, thick lashesso seventies.  

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