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10 Neck Creams to Try for a Smoother, Wrinkle-Free Décolletage

Using one moisturizer for everything might not be enough.
Whether you're applying moisturizer, serum, or sunscreen, the same skin commandment applies: Never forget your neck. Your décolleté needs some TLC, too, especially once you hit your late 20s and gravity starts taking its toll. That said, using the same gel- or

10 Supportive Swimsuits for Women with Big Busts

Your shopping guide for supportive swimwear.
The beach is such an awkward place to be. Sun on your skin, sand in places the moon can’t reach, and yes, body parts flying everywhere. It doesn’t get any easier when you’re blessed with a well-endowed chest. Finding a bathing suit

7 Romantic Fragrances to Wear on Valentine's Day

Let that memory linger all year round.
Most of our best memories are associated with a scent, so this Valentine's Day, make it unforgettable with a spritz of a new fragrance on your wrist. Take your pick among the floral, woody, and fruity blends below for instant recall!The new

11 Beauty Products That Will Soothe Your Dry Skin

What to do when you're facing scaly skin, chapped lips, and redness after coming home from your vacation.
Many jet setters use their long holiday breaks to escape the heat by spending Christmas and New Year's in a colder and whiter environment. After enjoying a White Christmas, however, the sudden shift in climate coming home from the extreme cold can

5 of the Best Nipple Tapes and Where to Buy Them

Time to go braless!
Let’s face it, bras can be very uncomfortable. No matter your cup size, it’s for certain that females everywhere do have something to complain about brassieres. Sure, they hold up your assets, but they can get uncomfortable with poking wires and clingy

7 Products With Glycolic Acid That Will Give You Glowing Skin

Brighter than ever.
Aiming for brighter, smoother skin? Then you might want to consider adding some glycolic acid into your beauty routine. This chemical exfoliant is a type of alpha-hydroxy acid or AHA, which exfoliates the top layer of your skin to even out its

Here's Where to Buy Chic Jewelry Inspired By Your Zodiac Sign

Because Aquarius season has officially rolled in.
Consulting the stars for wisdom is totally your morning ritual, isn't it? Thought so. If you're a big horoscope aficionado, we've got just the thing for you—here, a quick roundup of shops you can buy chic, oh-so-delicate zodiac-inspired jewelry from!Constellations necklaces, P425

10 Matte Sunscreens That Your Oily Skin Won't Hate

These won't make your face shiny.
Don't let the rumor about sunscreen being sticky and greasy get to you. It's nothing but that—a rumor. Keeping your skin protected from UV rays is easy even if you have oily skin, because brands offering matte options that you can slather

7 Fashion Trends to Consider Adding to Your 2019 Wardrobe

Let's go shopping!
With the influx of new trends every season, it could feel a little daunting trying to decide which ones to actually try. Responsible shopping calls for a well-thought-out purchase that you will wear and love for a long time. That said, if

15 Best Concealers for 40s Skin and Above

Flattering coverage for skin in its prime.
Your skincare isn't the only thing you should change once you hit your 40s—your makeup needs its own upgrade, too! In fact, it's totally normal to part ways with the concealer you loved in your teens and your 20s. After all, you do have

10 Chic Low-Heeled Black Shoes You Need in Your Closet Now

For when you want to tiptoe just a little bit.
Bored with your flats but too tired to don heels? Let us meet you halfway—here, 10 chic, unique pairs of low-heeled black shoes that are the perfect blend of basic and current (look out for faux croc finishes, fun prints, and sculptural

10 Chic White Tees You Need in Your Closet Now

Trust us, you need them all!
A basic white tee is a must-have in every closet. It's a versatile piece you can easily spruce up, layer, and reach for on lazy days. But why only have one when you can get it in different styles for a more stylish,

15 Slimming Black Pants to Shop Now

Take a look at these flattering pairs!
When it comes to shopping for flattering trousers, the first thing to do is to examine your body and evaluate which issues you want to address. If the goal is to slim down your thighs and elongate your frame, dark-washed jeans and

You Can Now Easily Shop from Amazon

Shopping from international sites made easy!
It's time to expand your shopping horizons as Globe partners up with Amazon to provide you with a more convenient way to order from the online shopping giant. In collaboration with Johnny Air Plus, Globe hopes to ease the all too familiar

15 Lightweight Sweaters You Can Still Wear for a Cozy January

When it's not too hot but not too cold either.
It's that confusing time again between the -ber months and the summer season—the weather's stuck in limbo: cold enough for outerwear and warm enough for a T-shirt and jeans combo. While we advise against busting out your heavy cable-knit tops, you can