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How to Achieve a Natural, Barely-There Makeup Look

We've asked experts to break down the look!
How to Achieve a Natural, Barely-There Makeup Look
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We've asked experts to break down the look!

We've all dreamed of nailing that no makeup-makeup look. But simple as it may look, turns out, it's not that easy to achieve. Striking that balance of enhancing one's features while also having it still look natural can prove itself to be quite the challenge. So we've asked the expert advice of two professional makeup artists to give us the low down on how to actually get a natural makeup look.

Bryan Lim is a young makeup artist under the wing of Teviant owner and celebrity makeup artist, Albert Kurniawan. Bryan's a go-to makeup artist of Miss Universe Philippines 2019 representative Gazini Ganados and host/actress Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla. Laila Al-Harthy, on the other hand is affiliated with beauty brand Laura Mercier, and does makeup for muses Ylona Garcia and Maris Racal.

Here are some tips from these two pros to successfully create a barely-there makeup look:

1. Skincare First

First one on the list is not so much about the actual makeup but the prep you should do before. Laila and Bryan both advise that skincare should really be the priority in any makeup look. It just serves as a good base for anything you'll be putting after. Laila admits, "In all honesty, to achieve something subtle yet glowy you really need to moisturize your skin. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, there are a lot of moisturizer variants out there that can cater to your skin specifications. Moisturizers plump the skin and feed it with the extra hydration that it needs." Bryan also confirms this saying, "Invest more on skincare! Makeup products can only do so much."


2. Groomed Eyebrows

Instagram or on-fleek brows are definitely not what you're looking for if you want a more natural approach. Bryan says that you only need to use minimal product on your arches. "For eyebrows, I use brow powders but I only fill in gaps and define the tail of the brow. Then, I brush up the hairs with a spoolie."

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3. Pretty Peepers

Probably one of the most underrated but important parts of a natural look, are the eyelashes. It's something so subtle, yet it makes the biggest difference when done right. Bryan says, "Another tip is to make the effort of curling and combing through your lashes with a good waterproof mascara. Wait for each coat to dry before applying another." Laila also agrees saying, "Never forget to curl your eyelashes and add that favorite mascara!" She also added a pro tip to make your eyes more awake. "If you want an added pop, a quick swipe of beige-colored liner on the bottom lash line really opens up the eyes."


4. Multi-purpose Products and Technique

Bryan advises that you should also be mindful of the products you use and how you apply them on your face. "For this kind of look, the kind of products and the manner of application are vital. Multi-purpose products, especially stick to cream types, are the way to go. Blending is also key! [Have a light hand when applying] your products because you can always add more after. Also, put powder only where it's necessary, like the T-zone."


5. The Right Glow

Having that glow-from-within look can be the deciding factor for your makeup to look natural. Instead of going in with a shimmery highlighter, Laila offers an alternate solution for this step. "Try using a blush with a luminous or satin finish. The glow looks more natural that way and it's a good trick if you are not sure if you have the correct highlighter shade for you skin tone or if your highlighter placement is right. This techinique adds color back to your face, while giving you a subtle and healthy luminosity with its finish."


6. My Lips But Better

And lastly, for the finishing touch, Laila offers a neat tip that works for any kind of lippie you'd like to wear: "Whatever lip product you're using, be it lipstick, tint, or liquid lipstick,  put a little bit in the center part of your lips first, then spread it using your finger. The reason why I suggest you only blend it out with your finger is because a thin layer of lipstick lasts longer, and it perfectly creates the illusion of that MLBB look."


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