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How to Achieve a Natural, Barely-There Makeup Look

We've asked experts to break down the look!
We've all dreamed of nailing that no makeup-makeup look. But simple as it may look, turns out, it's not that easy to achieve. Striking that balance of enhancing one's features while also having it still look natural can prove itself to be

LOTD: Kara Gozali's No-Makeup Look

She's smitten by Glossier.
Kara Gozali shows off her no-makeup look on Instagram wearing a full face of Glossier. Her five-step routine? Skin tint, concealer, brow mascara, highlighter, and lip balm. And if we're being honest, we would've fell for it if she hashtagged the post

All the Products You Need to Perfect the No-Makeup Look

Build the ultimate natural beauty kit!
It may not look like it, but the no-makeup makeup is one of the most challenging beauty looks out there. The trick? It's all about the skin. Below, we list the essentials to this highly sought-after look (with a few pointers on

Foolproof Makeup Perfect for Your Job Interview

Be a step closer to landing your dream job.
We know that most of your energy goes to finding the best attire to make a good first impression at a job interview. But ladies, know that your makeup is just as important. The interviewer will take a glance at your perfect

The Unselfie

Anne shifts the focus on herself to attend to a more urgent movement, helping others.
A modest approach to cap off  a rough 2013 is to ride on the social media movement, #GivingTuesday where a person takes an #Unselfie with a piece of paper covering her face, written with her charity of choice. Anne Curtis was more than

Burt's Bees All Natural Lip Color

Yup, they exist: 100% natural lippies, safe enough to eat.
"A woman consumes an average of 6 lbs of lipstick in her lifetime," was our takeaway from the launch. This line was quite a shocker, and a vision of a six-pound tube of orange lipstick inside our bodies came to mind. Luckily

Fair Game

We show you how to flaunt a bright, flawless base in three easy ways.
(Note: Photos taken from Fashion Watch Holiday 2011. Models in the photos are not product endorsers.)We can talk all day about finding the right foundation to brighten your complexion, industrial strength concealer to hide those blemishes or shimmery highlighter to perk up

Runway Beauty: Lulu Tan-gan And Jc Buendia Fashion Watch 2011

Two contrasting looks that make the perfect transition from day to night.
Magazines often preach about how women can easily change up their look from day to night in ten minutes flat. Easy in concept, totally transforming your makeup is often harder to actually achieve by yourself in a short amount of time.But in