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7 Local Celebrities Who Are Unapologetically "Flat and Proud"

One actress gladly accepted being the "queen of the flat-chested community"!
7 Local Celebrities Who Are Unapologetically "Flat and Proud"
IMAGE BJ Pascual, Instagram/lovipoe
One actress gladly accepted being the "queen of the flat-chested community"!

Gone are the days when calling someone "flat-chested" is a valid insult. Every body is different, and invalidating someone's beauty for the size of their chest makes as much sense as say, telling someone their white T-shirt is too light. Although, we have to admit—we still have a long way to go until empowering others instead of body-shaming them becomes the norm.

Fortunately, celebrities have been pushing for this change by sending body-loving messages of their own. Just this month, Lovi Poe made a splash with her Instagram post flaunting her small chest. "Suit yourself if you think otherwise: #FlatAndProud," said the actress. The post quickly went viral, and it reminded us of all the other times a celebrity stood up for herself and her fellow itty bitty-tittied ladies.

Here are seven local celebrities who have confidently spoken up about being flat-chested:

1. Lovi Poe

Although her "flat and proud" post went viral only recently, it actually wasn't the first time Lovi spoke up about embracing her chest size. A photo she uploaded almost three years ago contains the exact same message!

The post, shared in 2018, reads: "I am Lovi Poe. If there's one fabric I could wear forever it would be lace and I am also an advocate of self love. Yes I am flat and proud."

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities lovi poe
PHOTO BY Instagram/lovipoe

The actress has also been advocating for body love for as long as we can remember. She's been chronicling her body positivity and fitness posts in the hashtag #LoviYourBody for years, and it's been such a constant source of inspo for her followers!

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities lovi poe
PHOTO BY Instagram/lovipoe

2. Julia Barretto

Julia Barretto's fuss-free attitude towards being small-chested is simply refreshing. "The first time kong na-realize na I'm flat-chested, it was never an issue to me," she once said in an interview. "Mas kumportable ako this way, and mas happy ako sa boobs kong ganito."

The actress is big sport about being labeled as such, too! In 2019, she was dubbed by netizens on Twitter as the "queen of the flat-chested community, and she gladly accepted the title. Julia even casually replied, "You may call me that," to the original tweet.

A few months later, she went viral again for buying not ten but a hundred nipple tapes at a store. She even joked about it on her Instagram story, saying, "Kasi ito lang ang kayang kumapit. [Because it's the only thing that sticks.]" There was even a photo of her holding her big purchase with a huge smile on her face!

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flat and proud flat-chested celebrities julia barretto
PHOTO BY Instagram/juliabarretto

Jokes aside, Julia says she's glad she's able to empower other women in her own way. She explains, "I think mas natuwa ako kasi mas naging confident 'yung mga girls who don't have big boobs...they are more open about it. They're more proud of it. Kasi sometimes, if wala, they feel like it should be an insecurity or it should be something they're ashamed of."

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities julia barretto
PHOTO BY Instagram/juliabarretto

3. Chie Filomeno

Chie Filomeno shut down her body-shamers on social media with a powerful post back in 2018. In it, the actress said that although she's often shamed for being flat-chested and skinny, she loves her body "just the way it is."

She wrote, "I learned to accept myself for who I am, it took me awhile to do so, but self-acceptance is a process. You don't need to change your body to fit someones criteria. Love your body, regardless of the comments from others. Always know that you are perfect just the way you are." We couldn't have said it better!

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities chie filomeno

4. Gabbi Garcia

Like Chie, Gabbi Garcia has received her fair share of body-shaming comments online. She said that every time she'd post photos in a swimsuit, people would "bully" her body unprovoked.

Fed up with the negativity, Gabbi posted, "Yes, I have no boobs, I'm flat chested + I have my own fair share of stretch marks. And I don’t see anything wrong with it.

"If your definition of being 'sexy' doesn’t fit with my body type, well then sorry, but I LOVE MY BODY. And nobody deserves to be bullied just because of your body. We are all beautiful in our own way!"

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities gabbi garcia

5. Maris Racal

Maris Racal's "statement" about being proudly flat-chested was made in the most Maris way possible: A hilarious TikTok video.

In the post, Maris was responding to a comment that called her chest "empty." Pointing to her boobs and then her head, she joked, "Guys, you care so much about the size. May laman ba 'to? Wala. Pero may laman ba 'to? Wala rin." The audio eventually went viral on the platform, and many flat and proud ladies recreated her video!

6. Valeen Montenegro

Leave it to comedienne Valeen Montenegro to get a headstart on the malicious comments on her Instagram. Last April, she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a bikini top and wrote, "Flat is the new normal. [emoji] (I've been wanting to use this caption!)". Valeen also confidently posts swimsuit photos on her feed constantly, and she's absolutely gorgeous in each one!

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities valeen montenegro

7. Maureen Wroblewitz

In 2019, model and Miss Universe Philippines 2021 candidate Maureen Wroblewitz called out a comment saying "Baket flat? [Why is it flat?]" on one of her posts. Addressing the user on Twitter, Maureen said, "If I haven't already accepted my itty bitty titties then something like this would really hurt. What were you trying to achieve?"

"Imagine if this was on someone's photo who was really insecure. We should be able to love ourselves and accept who we are. Don't make it harder for us," she continued.

flat and proud flat-chested celebrities
PHOTO BY Twitter/mauwrob
flat and proud flat-chested celebrities maureen wroblewitz
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