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DIY Hair Removal Treatments for Every Body Part

For when you just can't make it to your waxer.
DIY Hair Removal Treatments for Every Body Part For when you just can't make it to your waxer.

Our beauty philosophy is simple: Leave the work to the professionals. However, there are times when a girl just had to do it on her own. While some girls are quite happy with squeezing in a quick shave while in traffic, it’s always better to fix those hair issues before you head out the door. Here we list down the best hair removal remedies for each body part that you can DIY from the comfort of your own home. 

For your upper lip

If you’re no threading expert, using cold hard wax to remove the hairs on your upper lip would be the best and most effective home remedy. It’s gentler and safer to use as compared to hard wax and won’t burn your skin unlike hair removal creams. A quick tip: apply baby powder on your skin to prep it to make sure that the wax sticks. Also, pull parallel to avoid pulling your skin along with the hairs.  



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For your under arms and legs

Yes, a quick shave will allow you to wear that silk cami and denim skirt ala Rihanna. But if you’ve got the time on your hands, why not opt for some wax strips instead? This way you can stay smooth and hair free for longer!



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Your bikini line

When it comes to grooming down there, it’s best to always leave it to the pros. But if you so insist on doing a bit of cleaning up, we suggest you opt for a quick trim and shave instead. It’s a quick and easy remedy for strays to keep you looking smooth until your next trip to the waxing salon.



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