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Here's Where You Can Buy Affordable At-Home Waxing Kits Online

Plus, some tips on how to use them right!
Over the course of this quarantine, it’s no doubt that most of us have made drastic adjustments to our lifestyle. We learned how to paint our own nails, give ourselves a haircut, try out some new recipes—basically it’s been a compilation of

What Causes "Chicken Skin" on Your Underarms and How to Deal With It

An expert weighs in.
Here's the thing: having "chicken skin" on your armpits doesn't mean you have bad hygiene. In fact, someone can shower four times a day and still be prone to developing tiny bumps. So who's the real culprit behind that unwanted texture? We asked dermatologist Dr. Gaile

10 Red Flags to Watch Out for During Your Waxing Salon Appointment

Always ensure a safe and hygienic waxing session!
Waxing entails pulling out your hair from its roots. This causes minor skin tears and opens up your follicles more. With this, your skin is more vulnerable in acquiring bacteria and you become more susceptible to infection, especially if your waxing place

DIY Hair Removal Treatments for Every Body Part

For when you just can't make it to your waxer.
Our beauty philosophy is simple: Leave the work to the professionals. However, there are times when a girl just had to do it on her own. While some girls are quite happy with squeezing in a quick shave while in traffic, it’s always

This Waxing Treatment Promises to Whiten Your Underarms

What’s new in hair removal?
To wax or not to wax?We try to avoid pain whenever we can. But when it comes to hair removal, letting out a loud “ouch!” can lead to promising results. But other than giving us smooth and hair-free skin, what else is

Introducing: Dyed Armpit Hair

"Long hair don't care" on a whole new level.
Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne are rock stars when it comes to hair. They’ve been rocking pastel locks long before Kylie Jenner launched her line of teal extensions. But now that everyone’s growing out their unicorn ombre dye job, a new coloring

Diy Hair Removal Kits

Girls, do try this at home.
Summer is skin-baring season—no girl I know would dare to face the world wearing shorts with hairy legs. I don't think any girl would be pleased to be mistaken as a man based on their fuzzy pins! Counting the undesirable hairy situation

Sugaring Vs. Waxing

What's the deal between these two hair-liberators? Read on!
Like an upbeat song to welcome summer, swimsuits become the prime choices for clothing, marking the beginning of sunny slowdowns (or smoking hot parties) by the beach. Being smooth and hair-free is an S.O.P., so many of us flock to waxing and

Andi Manzano's Obsession With Summer

The lovely radio jockey dishes on her season must-haves.
As soon as March hits, summer, a.k.a. bikini season, begins. I do admit that I have a love-hate relationship with the Philippine's tropical climate, but beautiful radio jockey and newlywed, Andi Manzano-Reyes declares her immense love for the season. I asked her

Wink Laser & Wax Studio

Be hair-free this summer!
With the incredibly scorching weather we have, beach trips and pool parties make this summer more bearable and enjoyable. So while you’re packing those sleeveless tops, Daisy Dukes, and hot bikinis, remember that an appointment with the waxing salon is in order.

Waxing 101

Depileve's Patricia Jurado sheds light on the ten most important things you need to know about getting a wax.
When it comes to waxing, Patricia Jurado knows her stuff. Born into the business, if you will, she comes from a family of aetheticians, with both her mother and sister working in the field. First learning the ropes of waxing at the