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People Are Shaving Their Faces for Smoother Skin—But Is It Worth the Risk?

Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor swore by this back in the day, too!
If you're open to experimenting with your exfoliating routine, you may want to consider dermaplaning—or shaving your face. It's a golden secret for smoother skin, and it's popular among Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon, Carrie Underwood, and even icons like Marilyn Monroe

How to Prevent Those Pesky Ingrown Hairs, According to Dermatologists

Here are some helpful tips for an ultra-smooth shave, every time.
With something as basic as shaving, you want your techniques to be practically foolproof. That means fine-tuning your routine a little—which sounds like a ton of effort, we know, but we swear it's worth it! We'd choose a refined shaving regimen over

What Causes "Chicken Skin" on Your Underarms and How to Deal With It

An expert weighs in.
Here's the thing: having "chicken skin" on your armpits doesn't mean you have bad hygiene. In fact, someone can shower four times a day and still be prone to developing tiny bumps. So who's the real culprit behind that unwanted texture? We asked dermatologist Dr. Gaile

8 Genius Alternative Uses for Your Beauty Products

We're calling it.
Even beauty junkies who keep an arsenal of tools and products have makeup and skin care emergency secrets. Here are the tried-and-ested hacks we've unlocked over the years:1. Flat Iron as CurlerInstead of wrapping your hair around the flat iron, get a

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Shaving

It's a skill you need to master.
It’s been said that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor both had shaving their faces to thank for their glowing complexions. Dermaplaning, the process of taking a straight-edge razor to the skin, was their ultimate beauty secret as it thoroughly removed layers of

5 Tips to Achieve a Longer Lasting Shave

Want legs for days?
We all hate shaving—no doubt about that—but sometimes it's a must. Fortunately, you can now say goodbye to those pesky baby hair that sprout almost instantaneously with these five super easy tips for a longer lasting shave!1. Exfoliate!Grab a salt scrub and

How to Get Rid of Those Tiny Dark Pores on Your Legs

Here's what you should do to get rid of "strawberry legs."
It may not be summer anymore, but that certainly won't stop us tropics-dwellers from wearing shorts and miniskirts—call it one of our warm climate's perks, if you will! Still, shaving 100% takes its toll on your legs. If you absolutely abhor those tiny, dark

The Dos and Don'ts of Shaving

How often do you replace your razor blades?
Shaving is a part of a lot of people's daily hygiene routines. It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after every shave, and who doesn't want soft and smooth skin? We know we do! If you're a newbie in the shaving

This Grooming Tip Will Change the Way You Shave

The secret to silky smooth skin.
Truth be told, not everyone is patient enough to wait for the next trip to the salon to bare their legs and underarms, especially with the ridiculous heat we’re experiencing. The quick solution: whip out your razor! It’s quick, painless, and cheap.

DIY Hair Removal Treatments for Every Body Part

For when you just can't make it to your waxer.
Our beauty philosophy is simple: Leave the work to the professionals. However, there are times when a girl just had to do it on her own. While some girls are quite happy with squeezing in a quick shave while in traffic, it’s always

Introducing: Dyed Armpit Hair

"Long hair don't care" on a whole new level.
Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne are rock stars when it comes to hair. They’ve been rocking pastel locks long before Kylie Jenner launched her line of teal extensions. But now that everyone’s growing out their unicorn ombre dye job, a new coloring

Grooming Cheats for Boys Who Want to Look Mabango

It's a major YASSSS for any fashion girl.
Before he grew tired of his perfectionist ways, American designer Tom Ford was known for taking 4 hot baths a day.Clearly, the most put together men do more than just slap on Polo Blue eau de toilette and keep their pomps slicked

A Girl's Guide To Shaving The Smart Way

Master the art of blade-handling and get a close, clean shave.
Whenever my friends ask how often I get my legs waxed, I usually just answer with a shrug. To be quite honest, I rarely go to the waxing salon to rip out the hair from my gams. Why? It’s because I’m too

#tiptuesday: Get A Closer Shave

Get your legs ready for bikini season with this nifty tidbit.
I’m all for quick fixes, which is why I think the razor is a God-sent. In just under three minutes, you go from hairy beast to the smoothest kid in town. So for this week’s edition of #TipTuesday, before you get started