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4 Easy Ways to Wear Colored Liner

Brighten your eye makeup game in a swipe!
4 Easy Ways to Wear Colored Liner
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Brighten your eye makeup game in a swipe!

We know, wearing a bright color on your eyes seems like a bold move, but there’s a reason why colored eyeliners are fast gaining popularity. Here’s why you should give it a try.

First, in much the same way that your go-to black or brown eyeliner helps define your peepers, the colored versions open your eyes in the same way with the added bonus of making them appear vibrant. Second, drawing on liner always has a graphic impact on your makeup look, but a soft hue like white or teal gives you the desired effect without looking severe. Last and most importantly, colored eyeliners bring the fun that eyeshadows can give with a much easier application method.

Feel like you’re ready to give them a whirl, even if it’s just in the confines of your bedroom? Try one, or all, of these four pretty and easy ways to wear it.


Winged on top.

If you’ve already mastered extending the line above your lashes with an upward flick, try it with a vivid hue to up the fun factor.

A hint of color below.

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An unexpected pop of color on the lower lashline can make your eyes appear larger and rounder.

Light up the outer corner.

If you’re not ready to commit to full color, try giving your usual black liner a lift with a pale hue beneath.

Wear it all around.


If you’re confident enough to ring your eyes in a brilliant hue, you’ll reap the brightening benefits.

Don’t forget, when using colored eyeliner, swiping on a few coats of mascara will keep your eyes from looking washed out. Have fun!

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