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This Eyeliner Technique is Perfect for Girls with Sparse Lashes

It’ll make your eyes more defined and your lashes look a little fuller!
We hear you, thin and sparse lashes are something not only mascara can fix. That’s why so many girls have turned to using lash extensions to define their eyes without having to draw on eyeliner. But let’s face it, your next trip

11 Ways to Wear White Eyeliner, According to these Celebrities

These Hollywood names will convince you to buy yourself a white eyeliner!
When it comes to a range of eyeliner colors, it’s the white one that people tend to overlook. Amidst the browns, blacks, and even neons that people have learned to embrace over the years, there are still hordes of white eyeliner left

7 Chinita-Friendly Ways to Wear Eyeliner, According to Local Celebs

Don't give up on that wing just yet!
Anyone can make eyeliner work to their advantage, no matter their eye shape. As for you, lovely chinitas, there are tons of ways you can bring those peepers to life—from barely-there looks to all-out dramatic wings! Take notes from the celebs below

4 Easy Ways to Wear Colored Liner

Brighten your eye makeup game in a swipe!
We know, wearing a bright color on your eyes seems like a bold move, but there’s a reason why colored eyeliners are fast gaining popularity. Here’s why you should give it a try.First, in much the same way that your go-to black

Try This Trick for Natural-Looking, Barely-There Eyeliner

Makeup artists swear by it.
When your eyes need more than a coat of mascara to look alive, don't hesitate to reach for some eyeliner. You'll be surprised how it can define your eyes in ways mascara can't, and you won't even need to draw a wing!

3 Alternative Uses of Mascara Every Girl Needs to Know About

Easy peasy!
The moment you open a brand new mascara, you only have exactly three months to experience its lash wonders. After that, consider it expired—it's no longer 100% safe to use thanks to all the accumulated bacteria.We know, throwing it away after such a

LOTD: This Is the Perfect Lazy-Girl Alternative to Winged Eyeliner

Take beauty notes from Happy Skin's co-founder, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo.
The runways of Moschino and Chloé have spoken: a sleek, elevated eyeliner game is the beauty update you need to do this season. So drop that wing for a few months and try something new! Need ideas? Here's a quick and basically mistake-proof

LOTD: Check Out This New Eyeliner Trend We're Mad About

Let Lily Collins show you how it's done.
A new eyeliner trend is on the rise, and it's something anyone can do. It's easy, striking, and Hollywood cool girl-approved. We've already seen Zoe Kravitz and Emma Watson rock this look, but we have to admit, our favorite take on it so

LOTD: This Model Is Making Beauty Marks Cool Again

Hye Won Jang tries to pull a Cindy Crawford.
To rightfully earn the super- prefix in the "supermodel" title, a model needs an identifier—an "it" factor, if you will. One identifier that we particularly love is Cindy Crawford's mole on her upper lip. She has a signature look that anyone can

LOTD: Sarah Lahbati Totally Nailed Gigi Hadid's Signature Look

You'll surely do a double take.
Sarah Lahbati is a stunner, and if the comments on her Instagram selfies are any indication, she's also Gigi Hadid's doppelganger. Don't get us wrong, Sarah is Sarah and she's beautiful in her own right, but we have to admit that this

Winging It: How to Perfect the Winged Liner Look

Tips from beauty expert Agoo Bengzon.
The cat eye may very well be one of the most adored eye makeup looks—yet it's probably also one of the hardest ones to achieve. If you struggle with twitchy hands or don't feel too confident about your makeup skills, these tips

3 Makeup Tricks for Hooded Eyes That Actually Work

Don't get stuck with wonky liner!
Look at your eyes in the mirror. Is your crease hidden by an extra layer of skin from your browbone area? Do you have difficulty doing a cat eye because a huge chunk of it disappears when you open your eyes? If

14 New Ways to Wear Graphic Eyeliner

From the easiest to the most runway-ready!
Graphic eyeliner has officially overshadowed other eye makeup trends on the runways this season. That said, it's time to give your winged eyeliner a holiday vacation and try out new techniques using your liner skills. And to make the transition smoother, we

Here’s a Colorful Way to Update Your No-Makeup Look

Adding a pop of color wouldn't hurt.
The no-makeup look, while it’s easy and fuss-free, can also border on dull and boring. So to subtly glam it up, try to experiment with a little isolated placement of color on your face. A bold lippie may do just the trick,

This Is the Quickest Way to Do Your Winged Liner

Score sexy eyes in minutes!
It's a known fact that working with eyeliners can be a bit daunting. Precision and patience are the key to creating fierce, lined eyelids, so it's important to focus. A tiny mistake can turn into a half hour's worth of panda-eyed catastrophe—and

How to Make Your Eyeliner Last

We reveal the tricks here.
1. Apply an eye shadow primer. A steady base will aid in your liner's staying power. Primers act like cement and help any makeup you put on top stick for hours.  Try: Smashbox 24-Hour Photo Finish Eye Shadow Primer, P1150, Beauty Bar branches2.