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5 Shows Fashion Girls Should Marathon on the Asian Netflix

Ready your jammies!
5 Shows Fashion Girls Should Marathon on the Asian Netflix Ready your jammies!

Ladies, prepare your silky slips and Ziggy Savella jammies because iflix is finally here to snuggle up with. It’s Netflix, only no need to cloak your IP address under a VPN! (Guilty.) Plain ol' vanilla Wi-fi access is all you need to open your doors to 10,000 hours-worth of movies and television series, all just a click away. If, like us, your hard drive is about to explode from all the mood boarding you do on Photoshop, nix downloading and just stream everything on your devices.

Catcha Group CEO Patrick Grove told Tech In Asia, “Subscribers can use it on up to five devices per account including mobile phones, tablets, TVs, laptops, and so on."

Go back to whatever episode from whichever season, whenever you want, wherever you are for only P129 a month, with no annoying ads, like ever. 

First five on our playlist this weekend are:


Because we need to make fetch happen again. 


Technically, a movie. (You can watch the sequel too.) But Elle just helps us get our Amal Clooney on. 


Better invite your BFFs and watch the movies. Hopefully they'll supply us with the complete series, soon! They are expanding their library as we speak.  


Because before Emma Roberts switched to pastel Chanel in Scream Queens, we loved her in her black witchy YSL


For 90s fashion inspiration

(Read about The One Where Monica Was The Best Dressed Friend?)

The question is, do you have 10,000 hours to spare? Yeah, well, we all probably do, with the EDSA traffic and all. 

Happy binge-watching!

Visit for a 14-day trial, absolutely free.