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This Local IG Shop Sells Delicious Pastries Inspired by "Friends"

Ever wanted to try Phoebe's famous cookies or the cheesecake Rachel and Chandler just couldn't get enough of?
If you’re a die hard fan of the show Friends, you already know that food is always on the table. Whether it’s Phoebe’s coveted family cookies or a stolen cheesecake—courtesy of Chandler and Rachel—food played a huge part in the show. And

All the Best Revelations from the "Friends" Reunion Special

Yup, that tension between Ross and Rachel was very real.
We waited 17 long years for the Friends cast to get together again—and it was so, so worth it. For 105 glorious minutes, the gang recounted all the best stories and moments of their lives as Friends characters (and beyond!) in a

It's Official: The Friends Reunion Drops This May

Could we BE any more excited?
We've waited nearly two decades for this—and it's sure to be worth it. The Friends reunion special drops on Thursday, May 27! Yup, this month. We're freaking out, too. The thing is though that the reunion streams "only" on HBO Max, said

The "Friends" Reunion Special Has Finished Taping and We Can't Wait to Watch It

Plus all the details you need to know about the much-anticipated episode.
PSA: The Friends reunion has finally finished filming and our favorite Central Perk gang is coming back to our screens real soon! The show’s official Instagram account teased the exciting news yesterday, April 11, in true Chandler Bing fashion, writing: “That’s a

12 Rachel Green Outfits You Can Still Wear Right Now

Here's how you can dress like Rachel Green from "Friends."
Friends remains one of the most beloved sitcoms of all time. It’s not hard to see why. The show has it all: lovable characters, easy-going humor, lighthearted melodrama, and a killer costume department. Naturally, the show’s resident fashionista Rachel Green is a

10 Feel-Good TV Series to Binge-Watch on Netflix

From family sitcoms to hilarious comedies, there's something for everyone.
If you ever need a pick-me-up and you've got a lot of time on your hands, there's no better way to pass your idle days than by getting sucked into an uplifting, feel-good TV series. From lovable family sitcoms, to relatable friend

9 Things We Know So Far About the Upcoming "Friends" Reunion

Ready for The One Where They All Got Back Together?
In November 2019, news broke that a Friends reunion was in the works, just in time for the celebration of the beloved series' 25th anniversary. There hasn't been much info on it and fans weren't really sure if it was going to

10 "Friends" Themed Finds That Will Be There for You

Adding these on our Christmas wishlist!
In case you've been living under a rock (or secretly ran away to Yemen to hide from your annoying ex), you probably know by now that a Friends reunion is currently in the works. Anyone else been waiting since 2004 to see Ross,

This Is the Exact Lipstick Jennifer Aniston Always Wore on Friends

You can still get your hands on it!
Other than having impeccable style, we can all agree that Jennifer Aniston made some amazing beauty decisions on Friends. Her character Rachel Green's iconic hair transformations delight us to this day, making us wish we're back to the '90s.Perhaps what's underrated about her look,

10 Signs You're the Beauty-Obsessed Friend in the Group

You're the eyebrow queen, and they know it.
In every barkada, there's the sosyal friend, the leader, and the overachiever. There's also the beauty girl, who might just be you. Unsure? Here are 10 telltale signs that will confirm that for you:1. You're everyone's go-to for emergency skin care advice.Thanks

10 Memorable TV Wardrobes

Looks to steal from the boob tube!
Summer's over and the rainy season's starting to kick in. You know what sounds like a good idea on a cold showery night other than pancit canton and a can of Coke? A six-hour TV series marathon! Here, we list down ten

5 Shows Fashion Girls Should Marathon on the Asian Netflix

Ready your jammies!
Ladies, prepare your silky slips and Ziggy Savella jammies because iflix is finally here to snuggle up with. It’s Netflix, only no need to cloak your IP address under a VPN! (Guilty.) Plain ol' vanilla Wi-fi access is all you need to