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Kylie Verzosa's Pink OOTD Inspired By "Mean Girls" Is So, So Fetch!

She channeled her inner Regina George in this cute yet hubadera look!
The Y2K fashion trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon, what with celebrities still dressing in pieces that harken back to the early aughts. One celeb who recently channeled her inner Regina George was Kylie Versoza, who sported a sultry Y2K-inspired look for

Did You Know? Lindsay Lohan Almost Didn't Play Cady Heron in "Mean Girls"

She wanted a totally different role in the film.
Could you imagine Mean Girls without Lindsay Lohan? Neither could we. But apparently, it almost happened, because Lindsay was initially not sold on playing her now-iconic character, Cady Heron.The 35-year-old Hollywood actress told the movie secret in a video for Vogue, where

Another "Mean Girls" Film Is Being Made and We Can't Wait

The limit truly does not exist.
You may have heard of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, now it’s time for Mean Girls: The Musical: The Movie! Okay, so that’s not the official title, but you get the gist. The broadway adaptation of Tina Fey’s 2004 pop

A Mean Girls Eyeshadow Palette Is in the Works

When it comes to hoarding makeup, the limit does not exist.
Fetch may not be happening, but a Mean Girls eyeshadow palette reportedly is.Storybook Cosmetics, the same company resposible for making our dreams come true with its Harry Potter wand brushes, posted a sketch of the "tentative idea" on their Instagram. We're not sure

Caitlyn Jenner Breaks The Internet, And The Week In Review

Cultural highlights in 10 words or less.
1. Caitlyn Jenner steals Kim K’s thunder. Word count: 62. Angelina Jolie is a real life vampire. Word count: 73. Our interns try to be viral.Word count: 64. The new Mockingjay poster will give you goosies. Word count: 85. Regina George is back to haunt you. Word count:

5 Shows Fashion Girls Should Marathon on the Asian Netflix

Ready your jammies!
Ladies, prepare your silky slips and Ziggy Savella jammies because iflix is finally here to snuggle up with. It’s Netflix, only no need to cloak your IP address under a VPN! (Guilty.) Plain ol' vanilla Wi-fi access is all you need to

Watch: Mean Girls Deleted Scene

It's so fetch.
It's Wednesday and instead of wearing pink, we're resurfacing a deleted scene from everyone's favorite chick flick - Mean Girls.This scene is set in a bathroom, and adds a whole new layer to Regina George's complex character because, drumroll, she apologizes to

Mean Girls Spinoff - Mean Moms - Is Coming

Starring Jennifer Aniston.
Finally the mean girls sequel everyone's been waiting for! It's called "Mean Moms."Deadline reports that like the original, the movie is based on another advice book written by Rosalind Wiseman, called Queen Bee Moms And King Pin Dads: Dealing With The Parents, Teachers,

The Mean Girls Reboot We'd Pay To See

What happens when Vogue takes over North Shore High?
Fashion can be a cruel world full of plastics (both the human kind, and the kind you swipe) and so we had a little thought experiment: What if Tina Fey decided to re-make Mean Girls as a fashion film? Think September issue crossed

Our Favorite On-screen Looks On Rachel Mcadams

Let's all greet her a stylish happy birthday!
Today, Rachel McAdams turns 36. And you know how we like to celebrate birthdays here, right? We love how this lady styles herself on the red carpet and off, but she has a few classic movies we can’t help but put on

Yummy Treats For Your Beauty Needs

Just like us, our skin has occasional cravings, too.
Sorry, Mean Girls fans. As much as we hate to burst your bubble, butter is not a carb. And you know what else isn’t? These yummy treats that could satisfy your beauty cravings!From lippies named after candies to tutti fruity body moisturizers,

10 Stylish Cliques On-screen

Admit it, you want to sit with them.
If you're cooped inside your room due to the bad weather, quit moping around and look on the bright side instead. For one, a good old movie marathon with a bowl of popcorn sounds like a nice idea. And whether or not

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Get in, loser. We're going shopping!
Ten years ago, we felt that we’ve been personally victimized by Regina George and her army of skanks. You’re totally lying if you said you didn’t love it. Who didn’t? It’s safe to say that Mean Girls has captured our generation so perfectly well

Stella And Bow To Release A Mean Girls-themed Accessory Collection

Stella and Bow to release a Mean Girls-themed accessory collection
Taking cues from the popular high school flick Mean Girls, jewelry brand Stella and Bow is slated to release a collection based on the movie's classic phrases (think "That's so fetch" and the ever popular "You can't sit with us!"). Consisting of