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18 Ways To Wear A Blazer Out of the Office

Chic and easy styling tips here!
18 Ways To Wear A Blazer Out of the Office
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Chic and easy styling tips here!

The merit of having a nice blazer is unrivaled, especially for working ladies. A blazer will instantly polish your workweek outfits and render your looks to be professional, sharp, and put together. It can also lend the wearer instant confidence and refinement, subdued elegance, and sophistication. With these in mind, the wardrobes of the fashion world are testament to the high sartorial worth of this tailored jacket—counting on its versatility and understated coolness—making it one of the hardest-working pieces in every girl's outfit. 

And while we've tested and proven its caliber in the office, it's time to shine some light on this versatile piece beyond the boardroom. We've turned to street style stars to see all the stylish ways you can wear your blazers casually. Get inspired to style them in 18 creative ways below!

How to Wear

1. Wear it over a dress.

Got an LBD that is in dire need of a makeover? Throw on a boxy blazer as a topper to breathe new life into this other closet staple. To make it more laidback, roll up the blazer's sleeves. Slip on your fave strappy heels and accessorize with a pair of fashion-forward sunnies to keep the look suave and ultra modern.


2. Style with bike shorts.

Blazers are natural outfit polishers so they can easily transform your body-hugging lycra shorts from a humble gym garment to a cool street style piece. 

3. Wear 'em in bright hues

It's time to color block in this season's hottest colors: pastels! When putting together these hues, however, you should be mindful of the silhouettes you wear. It helps to throw in a blazer in a candy-colored outfit like this to provide structure and refinement to the over all look.

4. Don a casual monochrome look.

Blazers can make you look rigid because of its tailored silhouette. Combat this by paring down your entire outfit, colors included. Stick to one hue, swap stilts with sneakers, and accessorize with statement sunnies to make your blazer weekend ready.

5. Pair it with denim shorts

Make sure to get a polished yet nonchalant vibe while wearing your blazer by teaming it with your fave denim cutoffs. Finish the outfit with a pair of strappy heels and you can already wear this to a casual coffee date. So chic!

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6. Try a short suit.

Swap the office trousers with a pair of shorts for the ultimate relaxed look! Cop Bea Marin's look by wearing the short suit with a tube top underneath.

7. Wear it in denim form.

Nothing says more casual than denim but once they're made in a blazer, you'll get the best of both worlds: laidback but polished. Wear with culottes and you're good to go!


8. Team up with jeans.

If you've got nothing to wear on a weekend, try this tried-and-tested outfit combo: your favorite pair of jeans spruced up with your office blazer. Take the look up a notch by skipping the plain T-shirt for a cute bralette. Pile on your baubles and slip on some heels to make the blazer-and-jean look party ready!


9. Wear the blazer with a slip dress.

Soften the blazer's stiff aesthetic by wearing it with your dressy boudoir slip dress.

10. Tuck it in.

Hear me outtucking in your blazer turns it into a double-duty piece. You get a top as well as a jacket. In terms of style, wearing it this way refreshes the blazer's silhouette while making the least effort. Get a double-breasted jacket like Laureen Uy's to get the full impact!

11. Buckle up.

Blazers tend to have a loose fit so if you're planning on wearing your oversized ones as a dress, it helps if you cinch it with an oversized buckled belt to accentuate your curves. Don't forget to roll up the sleeves, while you're at it!


12. Add a fanny pack.

it's funny how your accessories can really change the entire feel of an outfit, don't you think? Here's a cool example! Blazers are never your first choice to pair with fanny packs but when you do put them together, they result in a cool girl aesthetic with lots of attitude and confidence! Cute!

13. Tie it around waist.

Who says your fave outerwear can't double as a waist-cincher, too, right?!

14. Go for sheer iterations.

Tartans and checks aren't your only options for blazer patterns just as wool and linens aren't the only choices for a blazer's make. Explore sheer fabrics that will add a new type of flair to your basic top-and-jean outfit.

15. Tame bright hues.

If you're still afraid to try a bold, loud, neon-bright hue, then this just might change your mind. Your staple black office blazers can tame down the shouty colors you've been meaning to wear. You can start with a singular bright color to wear and add the black blazer so the overall look won't look too busy or jarring on the eye. Keep the shoes and accesories to a minimum to keep the OOTD polished.


16. Wear the blazer backwards.

Celine Dion says you can wear your blazer as a top. What's more, you can also wear it backwards! If you don't know what to wear underneath your blazer, then might as well wear it in reverse to solve the problem. By doing so, you get a sultry low scoop at the back instead.

17. Go for oversized everything.

Achieve the most nonchalant and slightly undone look by opting for an oversized silhouette. Borrow a boy's blazer to get that wide shoulder cut, loose sleeves, and slightly longer hems. Pair this with your fave wide-leg trousers and you're good to go! Compensate for the baggy aesthetic by carrying a tiny tote.


18. Add cool accessories.

As mentioned before, accessories can make or break your outfit. So, to revamp your blazer and trouser outfit combination, you can just switch up the accessories to take the whole look from workweek to the weekend. Instead of a button down shirt, you can wear a sports bra to get a sporty-street vibe. You can wear a chunky chain necklace, too to spruce up the look even more. As a final touch, you can keep the entire OOTD current by styling your hair with a scarf. So chic!

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