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15 Comfy, Laidback Little Black Dresses That Are Made for Lounging

These LBDs can give you a laidback, yet still put-together look in time for your Zoom meetings, and straight to a comfy 'fit for your online get-togethers.
We all know that a little black dress is essential in any girl's closet. It's a versatile piece that will get your ready out the door in a jiffy, requiring the least amount of effort to style. But, given that we're all

How to Style Your Little Black Dress for All Occasions

It's a must-have for every girl!
Among the many fashion items in your closet, the little black dress is probably one of the pieces that you get the most wear of. And how could it not be? It’s truly a versatile piece that even bold fashion chameleons wouldn’t shy

This Janella Salvador OOTD Is Giving Us Audrey Hepburn Vibes

Don't you think so?
You already know that we live for a good Old Hollywood reference, and Janella Salvador is the latest beauty serving us that retro-chic little somethin'. Doesn't she just remind you of Audrey Hepburn tearfully kissing Buddy Ebsen goodbye at the train station in this

How to Wear a Black Dress, According to Your Favorite Celebrities

Let these celebs and influencers provide some great style inspiration for your next black dress moment!
Here’s the thing about a black dress: It's versatile, it looks good on absolutely everyone, and it never goes out of style. Not to mention, it's a no-brainer go-to for when you feel like you have nothing else to wear. It’s no

LOTD: Anne Curtis Wore the Same LBD as This Star Wars Actress

The both looked stunning in Calvin Klein.
Anne Curtis has been nailing all her red carpet looks for the world premiere of her movies, Buy Bust and Sid & Aya (Not a Love Story). From her sweet and delicate look in head-to-toe Gucci, the actress went for a stark contrast

The Best Black Dresses on the 2018 Golden Globes Red Carpet

So much inspo!
Nothing will ever dull the subtle impact of a well-placed black dress. That power! Hollywood's A-list busted out their best, most impeccable black ensembles at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, in solidarity with the Time's Up movement. An initiative that seeks to utilize

5 Unique Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress

Basic, but never boring.
Just when you thought there are only so many ways you can style that trusty ol' LBD, we volunteer to add five more! Below, check out how much fun wearing and rewearing the little black dress can actually be. You just have to

The Little Black Dress: A Brief History

Fashion #throwback!
As you may already know, fashion's enduring love affair with the little black dress started with Coco Chanel. An undying symbol in French chic, the LBD was once worn only by women in mourning—that is, until the Roaring Twenties.Throw things back until

LOTD: We're In Love with Kim Jones' Classic LBD with a Twist

All it takes is some attention to detail.
The word "classic" may occasionally be associated with the word "boring," but a true-blue fashion girl reads a whole other dictionary altogether. Enter Kim Jones, whose dainty take on the timeless little black dress has got us in (literal) knots!Upgrade the wardrobe

5 Non-Boring Ways to Style Your Little Black Dress

Your trusty LBD is timeless for a reason.
The little black dress is timeless for a reason—it goes with everything, you can wear it anywhere, and it never goes out of style. Still, we certainly won't blame you if you start to feel that your go-to frock is becoming a

10 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear an LBD

You can never go wrong with a little black dress.
According to the brilliant Karl Lagerfeld himself, "One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress." It's a must-have for every girl and a classic closet staple that you'd never regret investing in. Herewith, 10 celebrity outfit pegs for your

9 Fashion Pieces That Never Go Out Of Style

Trends may come and go, but these will always be a girl's best friend.
We’ve already given you a list of fashion and beauty trends to ditch and to keep this year. And if some of you are still hesitant about heeding our advice, no worries because we totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s generally not easy

Traveling In Style With Anne Curtis

You only need the basics to look as stunning as this star.
If you swooned over Anne Curtis' beauty with our vampy makeup tutorial, this time around, we'll give you another reason to be green with envy. After gracing the local premiere of Blood Ransom at Resorts World Manila, the lovely star flew to New

Halloween On A Budget

There's no need to splurge if you can find a costume straight from your closet.
Halloween is fast approaching and don’t say we didn’t remind you enough because we did multiple times. But now that we’re only two days shy from the upcoming trick-or-treat adventures, seems like playing the blame game won’t help either. Don’t worry, we

Back To Basics: The Lbd

Because we believe in the saying that one is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.
Since day one, we’ve been consistently telling you the importance of investing in the basics. We’ve already schooled you on the vital role of the plain white tee in building a well-rounded wardrobe, so this time around, we’ll introduce you to another closet