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How to Style a Pencil Skirt in and Out of the Office

Anyone can rock them and there are several ways to do it!
Pencil skirts are usually worn in the office, but they can be as versatile as a pair of mom jeans. The general misconception society pertains to is that pencil skirts can only be worn by slim-figured women. However, this isn’t true in

12 Incredibly Easy and Stylish Ways to Wear Culottes

We have chic ootd ideas for you.
Gauchos, cropped wide leg pants, square pants...whatever you want to call them, culottes have a special place in our closets because they're easy to style and super comfortable to wear. They're great alternatives to skirts when you need more room to move

How to Style Skirts That Fall Below the Knee

And more outfit inspo here!
From Christian Dior’s pencil skirts in 1954 to Oscar de la Renta’s maxi dresses in 1968, below the knee skirts have grown to satisfy the working woman with an edge. Today, long skirts have different fabrics, textures, cuts, silhouettes, and details to

4 Easy Ways to Style Wispy Bangs

Watch and learn!
There's a certain vibe of easy nonchalance when one dons wispy bangs. The feathery fringe is a universally flattering cut that works on just about anyone, regardless of your face shape because you can customize it to your hair texture, thickness, and

8 Chic and Easy Ways to Wear a Headband

Take inspo from these street style stars.
Your favorite hair accessory is finally back on the fashion world's radar! That's right—headbands are back and are already being donned by society’s most stylish influencers. And once you've done your shopping—cover all bases and buy yourself all its fancy iterations—you're now

15 Creative Ways to Style a Scarf

Give it a try!
The scarf is an underrated accessory only because not everyone has seen its maximum potential. At the mere mention of it, tropical-living gals like us tend to doubt its sartorial merit considering that it's usually known as a layering piece to keep

9 Ways Curvy Girls Can Style Their Jeans

Flaunt you!
Girl, you've got a booty we can't help but envy. Work it—and hard! We reiterate that you can wear absolutely anything and everything you want, but if you'd like to play up those curves to unleash their full #power, take a styling

10 Chic Ways to Style a Black Turtleneck for Any Occasion

Styling tricks right here, ladies!
The turtleneck is a closet classic that will never let you down no matter what season. It's a versatile piece that can extend the wearability of your clothes, esepcially when you travel abroad. But don't get stuck on basic styling techniques. Push

5 Creative Ways to Style a Skinny Scarf

Play around!
Affirmative: a skinny scarf, though several times slimmer, can be twice as fun as your regular square-cut kind! You'll see what we mean soon enough: below, a cute n' quick video tutorial on the ton o' ways you can wrap things up.Produced

How to Wear Denim to the Office Like a Fashion Girl

Yes, you can.
Did someone say casual Friday?! Whether we heard that right or not, there are still some factors you need to consider when toning things down at the end of the week—after all, you're in the office, and you've got a stylish rep

Here's Why You Need a Basket Bag for Your Next OOTD

Not your ordinary picnic bucket.
It was the summer's tote of choice, but the woven straw bag sure isn't going anywhere just yet (no matter how hard the rain in Manila falls)! In case you're still eager to jump in on the look, let us hand you

This Is the Cool New Way to Wear Your Belt Bag

Sling it like you mean it.
If the belt bag's comeback hit you like a ton o' bricks, you're not alone—we didn't exactly expect the tour guide staple to become an actual fashion statement (no matter how great life is hands-free). We 100% love the fanny pack now,

Here's How You Can Style a Skirt That's Way Too Short

You can still wear it out!
For whatever reason that skirt in your closet is just waaay too short—maybe it shrunk in the wash or you bought it a size too small—know you won't have to bid it adieu forever! Below, we list down a few prime examples

10 Easy Ways to Work Yellow Into Your OOTDs

It's THE pop of color du jour.
Millennial pink oughta watch its back, because someone else is out to steal the limelight—or should we say lemonlight? Yellow is having its time in the gracious golden sun, and all our favorite style stars are proof! Below, let 'em demonstrate how

16 Pairs of Sneakers That You Can Wear to an Evening Event

Yes, you totally can!
It's very likely that you wouldn't even try to wear sneakers out to that fancy dinner party you've got scheduled. Right? Still, fashion loves a challenge! And so we've rounded 16 shining, shimmering, and splendid pairs to propose you change your mind.

10 Chic Ways to Style the Puffy Sleeve

The bigger, the better.
We dare declare that puffy sleeves are Spring/Summer 2017's answer to last year's off-shoulder craze, and so do the runways over at Gucci, Marques Almeida, Jacquemus, Rodarte, and Simone Rocha (among a hefty slew of others). Interestingly enough, even a look as distinct

10 Cool Ways to Wear Your Black Sneakers

They can be deceivingly tricky to style!
White sneakers? Breezy and easy peasy. Their all-black counterparts are, admittedly, a little trickier to wear—there's that lingering fear of looking like your legs are a lot shorter than they actually are! Black kicks do tend to cut off your stems, but