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This Is How You Should Be Styling the Chunky Dad Sneaker

Pegs galore.
This Is How You Should Be Styling the Chunky Dad Sneaker
Pegs galore.

The past years have seen sneakers either sleek as they come or extra, well, extra. Minimalism's rise rendered kicks white and pristine, and then when Dior sent dazzling jeweled versions down its Spring 2014 haute couture runway, tastes shifted over to the aesthetic spectrum's polar opposite end.

Welcome to 2018, where the leading sneaker trend strutting the streets is, in Bruno Mars' very own words, chunky. We're considering the bop prophetic. 

Some styling pegs for you! It's a tricky look to pull off, no doubt, so glean as much inspo as you can. They're also dubbed "dad sneakers," by the waymaybe your old man, likely already a certified expert, can teach you a thing or two about nailing 'em down. 

Can't get your hands on Louis Vuitton's coveted Archlights? Might be time to bust out the bulky Skechers pair you once loved. We live for any opportunity to dig through our closets and resurrect favorites of yore (it justifies our hoarding tendecies, but we digress). Liz Uy is happy to demonstrate.


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