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Cargo Pants Just Might Replace Your Fave Joggers in 2019

We don't mind the change at all. Do you?
A lot about fashion these days has been centered on turning comfort au courant—think chunky sneakers, oversized logo tees, full tracksuits...the list goes on and on. 2019's just about settled in, and we're thinking it's time for another update! How about trading

These Celebrities Love Their Classic Monogrammed Coach Bags

Yep, it's back!
There's certainly a slew of designer monograms to choose from these days, thanks to fashion's present obsession with logomania. But here's a suggestion: Consider Coach's iconic Cs! We've never been quiet about praising current creative director Stuart Vevers' youthful revamp of the

This Is the New It Bag Fashion Girls Are Carrying Now

Major throwback alert!
Vintage-inspired pieces continue to be in the spotlight, and this latest accessory revival is proof. It's something you probably won't find in your mother's baul but in your teenage closet instead. Start digging through your closet, because bead and pearl embellished bags

This Chain Belt Seems to Be the New Favorite of Instagram's Cool Girls

They're all chained up!
Chain mail's incoming, and it's definitely being passed around. Instagram's cool girls are looping chunky layers of silver links around their waists in this latest wave of '90s nostalgia! Once favored only by those pants-droppin', spitfire-rappin' kids on the street, the chain

Would You Wear These Upside-Down Shorts?

...and pay P20,000 for a pair?
Designers are always up to the challenge of coming up with creative ways to reinterpret denim. From detachable jeans to barely-there pants, denim's recently been subjected to some crazy trends.As if that wasn't enough, here's one more unconventional design that's gaining popularity

10 Ways to Wear Stripes According to Local Celebrities

Can you name a more versatile print than stripes?
Stripes have been reincarnated in a million and one ways, and with good reason—they just work! Locally, we've seen designer Chris Diaz showcasing the print in his latest collection at the Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival 2018. And globally, stripes have made an

What Is a Bucket Hat and Why Is Everyone Wearing It Now?

Here's the hat you'll wear all summer.
The heat has us perpetually looking for some shade. This possibly led to the sudden rise of certain types of headgear, especially since they double as UV protection while giving your look that additional dose of cool. But if you're not part

This Is How You Should Be Styling the Chunky Dad Sneaker

Pegs galore.
The past years have seen sneakers either sleek as they come or extra, well, extra. Minimalism's rise rendered kicks white and pristine, and then when Dior sent dazzling jeweled versions down its Spring 2014 haute couture runway, tastes shifted over to the

Here's How the Cool Girls Are Wearing Plaid in 2018

Styling pegs, check!
Ah, plaid. You've worn it at least once at some phase in your life, but for now (emphasis on the temporary, because God knows that in fashion what goes around comes around), lay aside the punk connotations and circa-2007 emo vibes. Avril

These Bloggers Are Obsessed with the Pageboy Cap

Getting tired of the beret? Here's a chic alternative!
Let's just get this out of the way: we adore the beret just as much as you do. Still, we can't help but let our heads (literally) wander and wonder what other topper options are out there in the wilderness—case in point:

Jess Connelly's Favorite Accessory: The Bucket Hat

Steal the accessory that was once meant for babies and fishermen. Wait, what?
Ladies, we're talking about the bucket hat’s return to the spotlight. The downward sloping sun hat has come a long way from its humble (and practical) beginnings in fishing boats and the babies section of the department store. From the likes of Barbara

Fashion Trends To Ditch This 2015

Cross them off your list and hope they die.
The past year did a remarkable job as far as the sartorial department is concerned. 2014 brought us a number of wonderful style ideas that won’t have any problems crossing over to 2015. But you know what they say, right? The good

Matching Sets And Co-ords That Will Spice Up Your Wardrobe

‘Tis is the season to go matchy-matchy!
You’ve already seen how the celebs are doing it, so now it’s your turn to sport some co-ords! This season is all about giving your wardrobe a matchy-matchy makeover, and whether you’re in the mood for playful patterns, flirty florals, nautical stripes,